Sunday, October 27, 2019

Jet City Comic Show Recap

Jet City Comic Show has come and gone again, we had the pleasure of  being invited to cover the show.

They celebrated their tenth year this weekend, October 26th and 27th, and though we were only able to cover one day, we managed to take in enough to remind me why Jet City Comoc Show has been one of my favorite events each year! I'm definitely glad I made it to the tenth Jet City Cimic Show.

I DID make more time to enjoy myself than normally, so this recap has a little more of a personal flair than normal. I think you'll enjoy it anyways.

On to the show...

Year ten was bigger and better than even, but still remained one of the most family friendly comic conventions around. There is a real focus on comic books and the creators, but there is something for everyone to enjoy, from celebrities, artists, toys, collectibles and so much more, without the over crowding and over pricing you find at other larger pop culture events.

If you checked out our recent Q&A with Jet City Comic Show producer, James Taylor, you probably caught the mention of the Buck Rogers 40th anniversary coinciding with this show. Well, Jet City played host to a pair of stars from the cult classic tv series in Gil Gerard and Felix Silla, which I thought was really cool. Although the show was a little before my time, I was personally excited to meet Felix Silla, for another show he acted in. 

He portrayed Cousin Itt in the original Addams Family series, one of my all time favorite programs. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with him. He was such a nice guy, and very welcoming to fans. I must say,  my Cousin Itt Funko Pop looks pretty awesome signed and makes an excellent addition to my collection!

The highlight of Jet City Comic Show every year is seeing old friends. The "nerd scene" here in the Northwest is pretty tight knit, and this show almost feels like a reunion. I got to chat with, be silly, and watch old comic creator friends work like Matthew Southworth (Stumptown,  SpiderMan), Greg Smith (Junior Braves of the Apocalypse) , and Stefano Gaudiano (Daredevil, The Walking Dead) and make new acquaintances like legendary creator Rick Hoberg of early Star Wars comics fame. Mr. Hoberg is working on some interesting projects I'll be watching out for.

On a side note: We even got to meet Crypticon Ryan's new addition to his family! Congrats on that buddy, and yes, Alfred was with him too! 

Matthew Southworth, co-creator of Stumptown, which is now a hit tv show on ABC...proud of ya buddy!
Got Matt doing some sketches. He is one of my favorite artists and a good dude.
Stefano Gaudiano is another nice guy in the business, and another favorite. He is a veteran comic artist, best known for his long run inking The Walking Dead comics.
Greg Smith is a writer on the Junior Braves of the Apocalypse, and quite a character. If you ever meet him at a convention ask him how he knows me. It's a weird story...actually maybe you shouldn't.
My silly convention fam! My friend James carried that FULL long box around the convention hall for like 3 hours!
Even though Greg Smith shoots ewoks, hes still a good dude.

Got to hang out a bit with friend, site supporter, and podcasting personality, Mike Seibert. Check out Mike Seibert Radio, his show covering pop culture and more. He is a bit of a Transformers fanatic too! Follow his show at
I'll probably catch hell for sharing this one, but it was my pleasure to spend the day and share one of my favorite events with my lovely fiancee. I'm so lucky to have such a genuine and talented someone who is so supportive of my geekiness. 

It's always great to check out the TV and Movie cars they display at Jet City too! This year featured a replica of Bumblebee from the Transformers franchise and Baby, the black 67 Impala Sam and Dean from the CW's Supernatural do their hunting in. Its gonna be a shame to see that show go after this season.

I could have sworn I got more pics of Baby.
Between the friendly attendees and cosplayers along with the amazing vendors and creators, this convention is one of the best and busiest, while still remaining very laid back. I really love the vibe. It's a great first convention for new fans, while satisfying the con "old veterans" like myself. Check out some photos from the day!

Busy busy!

So many comic books, not enough time.
Fingers Duke makes some great screen printed shirts and stuff...
I finally got my Jeffrey Veregge 'Godzilla' shirt from the Fingers Duke booth! I cant wait to wear it!
Our friends at Prestige Worldwide is one of the best new comic vendors in the Northwest. Lots of great books. Aleays great prices. 
The Star Wars costuming groups always bring the coolest displays!!

 Lego builders on point as always too!

Pretty good cosplays!
Dark Helmet was one of my favorite cosplays of the day!
This couple was dressed to kill...see what I did there? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
This Addams Family family was fun! 
Not a costume, but this dudes jacket was AWESOME! Hopefully he remembers to share the artist so I can give a shoutout.
My favorite costume of the day! This was fantastic!

As mentioned, I only made it Saturday, but our friends over at Mad Bros. Media are doing some coverage Sunday, so be sure to follow them at Check out Mad Bros Media at

If you attended, tell us how your weekend at Jet City Comic Show went. If you didnt make it, you should really try next time! I cant wait to see what next years show brings!

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