Monday, December 19, 2011

Bahhhh Humbug!!!

I'm not a huge holiday fan (except for it) and to be honest, this time of year just brings me down, so I haven't been posting much. Just haven't really been that inspired. I have found a little joy in this season in some videos and friends blog, which I'd love to share with you all...

First of all I absolutley loved this video shared with me personally by Teal Sherer who you might know better as Venom, from the Guild. I think Teal is a great actress, and we should see a lot more of her in the future. I especially want to see more stuff like this:

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that she's a friggen hottie too!! Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter!!

Here are a couple other videos that really cracked me up. they might be a little dated, but they were hilarious nonetheless:

And in current events..Kim Jong Il is dead. HAHAHA

Be sure to read my friend Dee's recent blog about Santa. She pretty much calls his bluff!
Be sure to follow her blog. She loves zombies and costco muffins!

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great holiday season. I personally can't wait for this shit to be OVER!! I leave you on this note...

Love you all
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