Monday, October 25, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 50

It's finally here! The Steve & Crypto Show 2021 Halloween Special! Not only is it our Halloween epiosode, but it's also our milestone episode 50!

We had a blast putting this one together! We brought you a series of fitting guests, and some appearances from old friends and familiar voices including: Horror author Isaac Thorne Horror Host Malvolia "The Queen Of Screams" aka Jennifer Nangle Award winning actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, TheShape Of Water, Pan's Labrynth) Music From Shadow Figures And Drop Ins from: John Brennan (The Last Drive In w/Joe Bob Briggs Dario Eville (Dario Eville's Mausoleum Of Terror and past promo spots from Felissa Rose, Darcy The Mail Girl, Dr. Gangrene, Igorro, and Night Of The Horrorphile Podcast Listen. Share. Visit us on Buy Me A Coffee at, and HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 48

This is a really exciting Steve & Crypto Show episode, as we were joined by writer Stephen Langford. He has an extensive career writing, producing, and directing iconic television shows like Family Matters, Ewoks, and Tiny Toon Adventures (that's just the tip of the iceberg)...most exciting is his current work on the acclaimed Creepshow series on Shudder.

He gives us a quick breakdown of his career and delves deep into his work on Creepshow. Be sure to follow Stephen Langford on Twitter at:

Nice guy. Great chat. Check it out and enjoy.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 47

In Episode 47 of The Steve & Crypto Show, we feature a couple promo segments from multiple guests...

First guest is the producer of The Grit City Comic Show (formerly known as Jet City Comic Show), James Taylor. He joins us to give us all the details on next weekends convention in Tacoma, Wa, including some guests and attractions during Grit City Comic Show. The convention takes place October 9th in Tacoma, Washington. Get all the details at! The second guest is Jax, a lover of horror, and the host of the Here For The Boos podcast, which happens to be hitting its one year since debuting too. We had a great conversation, giving listers a sample of what she offers on Here For The Boos. I think you all will dig. Check out her show at and follow her on Instragram! She's always sharing her awesome horror collectibles! Not only did we have TWO interesting guest, we discussed Halloween viewing and more here in episode 47 of The Steve & Crypto Show! Thanks for listening. Keep spreading the word about The Steve & Crypto Show on social media, and if you've been enjoying, visit our Buy Me A Coffee page at

Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 46

In Episode 46, Steve & Crypto discuss highlights from the first year of "The Steve & Crypto Show"! We love every episode but as to not take up all of your time we discussed a handful of episodes as a jumping in point for some of you who would like get caught up with what we've been up to! 

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 45

Episode 45 is here, and were getting into the thick of spooky season, and the topic of this episode is quite fitting!

In this episode, we have a filmmaker, Maria Collette Sundeen, on the show to tell us about her horror short film, LIFELESS. Maria gives us details on the process of making the movie, her inspirations, having roots in our community, and so much more.

We enjoyed this chat, as we don't hear the ins and outs of movie making every day, and think listeners will enjoy as well. We're stoked to see this creepy ghost story, filmed right here in our little ol' town. 

Be sure to follow her Facebook page for LIFELESS to keep up on the latest news and release date for the film! Get all the details here:

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 44

Steve & Crypto Show Episode 44 is available NOW wherever you listen to #podcasts! Whether you're a #prowrestling fan, #comicbook fan, horror fan, or what have you, you'll probably dig this episode! 

We have a comic writer named Dirk Manning (Dirk Manning ), writer of the acclaimed BURIED BUT NOT DEAD comic. 

He came on the show to promote that comic, the following books, and more: 

BUTTS IN SEATS: THE TONY SCHIAVONE STORY, a new comic based legendary wrestling announcer @tonyschiavone24 (currently with the hottest wrestling promotion going, @aew). 

HAUNTED HIGH-ONS featuring the popular music duo Twiztid (@officialtwiztid) We discuss all that, upcoming nerd conventions and that's the tip of the iceberg... 

Listen and Share the episode! You guys are the key to the growth of The Steve & Crypto Show, and we appreciate you all!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 43

In Episode 43 of The Steve & Crypto Show, our filmmaker friend Addison Binek, who joined us earlier this year to discuss his horror comedy Psycho Ape, cheks back in with Steve & Crypto to tell us about a couple new campaigns for his latest projects. One being a VHS release of Psycho Ape, and the other, Roastmasterpiece Theatre: The Cult Of Frankenstein!

Check out his two campaigns: Psycho Ape Vhs Roastmasterpiece Theatre: The Cult Of Frankenstein If you've been enjoying the Steve & Crypto Show, please consider visitng and contributing to our podcast at

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 42

Welcome to episode 42 of The Steve & Crypto Show. First of alll, we want to thank all of our listeners, friends, guests, and supporters for being here though our first year of our podcast! Yep this episode is officially the one year anniversasry of our launch! On to episode 42...

In this episode, we discuss our weekend at the PNW's premiere horror convention, Crypticon. It was Crypto Zoo's forst trip to Crypticon, so we discussed his thoughts on whether it lived up to Steve's hype...SPOILER ALERT...It did and then some! We also discussed our highlights, and feature a few guests who popped in on the Steve & Crypto Show over the weekend... Meet everyone and check out their stuff... Timothy W Long Michelle Kilmer aka Michelle Von Eschen and while you're at it, visit and check out the rest of her families endeavors. and one that probably don't need an introduction, if you're a listener to The Steve & Crypto Show, Darcy The Mailgirl...From The Last Drive In With Joe Bob Briggs, and host of the Geek Tawk Podcast: Be sure to listen to all the past episodes, including last weeks, which featured horror icon Felissa Rose, who was also at'll dig our story about here here in episode 42! If you've been enjoying The Steve & Crypto Show, consider contributing to the show through our Buy Me A Coffee page at

Monday, August 23, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 41

We are back with more hype for our favorite Horror convention here in the PNW, Crypticon. This time we have a horror icon on the show to get us ready for Crypticon.

We have Angela from Sleepaway Camp...The Last Drive In's Mangled Dick Expert...Felissa Rose! She came on the show to share her excitement for her upcoming visit to Seattle for Crypticon and to tell us about a few current projects she has in the works.

Get all the Crypticon details at and keep up on Felissa Rose's latest or buy an autographed photo on her website at

Even if you're not attending Crypticon, this was a fun chat, and we appreciate you listening. Spread the word about The Steve & Crypto Show and use the hashtag #SteveAndCryptoShow on social media!

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 37

Episode 37 is here! We discuss some Comic Con At Home announcements, The New Masters Of The Universe Series, and have a promo segment with our friend Captain Slinky, to tell us about his weird lamps and more. Check out his work at

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 40

We made it to episode 40!

We are going to devote this episode of The Steve & Crypto Show to our favorite fan convention here in the PNW, Seattle Crypticon! We are going to hype it up a little by introducing listeners to some of the great vendors at Crypticon. We have a couple artists, an author, and a retailer on this episode, that will all have booths at the convention.

If you're not attending, dont fret. All these great creators have online shops for you to check out, and I think you will after meeting them here on The Steve & Crypto Show.

Here are our featured guests on this episode, and where to find them:

Travis Bundy:

Elizabeth Guizzetti:

Audrey Funk aka The Mad Monster Lady:

Arkham Bazaar:

These awesome creators are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vendors at Seattle Crypticon!

We also have a special hello from next weeks guest in our second Crypticon hype episode, horror icon Felissa Rose! Yes, Angela from Sleepaway Camp, right here on the next Steve & Crypto Show Episode

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 39

It's Steve & Crypto Show Episode 39! Let's get hyped up for Halloween and Spooky Season, with a visit from YouTube Halloween decor hunting extraordinaire Jade The Libra!

Jade The Libra is making her first podcast appearance with Steve & Crypto to promote her super popular YouTube channel, and to promote her music project, The Shadow Figures, along with her husband Dallas! We had a blast with Jade and Dallas talking music, Halloween, and other such spooky stuff!

Visit Jade The Libra and The Shadow Figures on social media at the following places:

Jade The Libra Instagram:

Shadow Figures Instagram:

ALso be sure to join the Halloween Forever community page on Facebook. It's hosted by Jade herself and features all things halloween and spooky:

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 38

Episode 38 is upon us! In this latest episode of The Steve & Crypto Show, we are joined by a fellow mutant, and the music producer of The Last Drive In With Joe Bob Briggs, John Brennan! Yes the John Brennan who wrote the theme song for The Last Drive In, and other timeless classics such as BBQ Maniac and Blood Sucking Freak (with Chris Jericho)!

We had a blast discussing the recent Drive In Jamboree, and his 2 new records he's currently promoting, The Last Drive In Soundtrack and his solo album No Offense, None Taken, both available through

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 35

A couple episodes back, We discussed Steve's mini vacation in Ocean Shores, WA, and He was really hyped about a shop he visited there called Nate's Vintage. He got to know the shop owner, Nate Hamilton, and learned that he's had some very interesting experiences with things like Bigfoot and UFOs. We HAD to have Nate come share some experiences, as well as promote his amazing retro/vintage collectible shop in Ocean Shores. Get a glimpse into Nate's Vintage on his Instagram page at

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 34

In This episode of the Steve & Crypto Show, we are joined by writer Craig E. Sawyer to give us the scoop on his comic series The Forbidden Museum. The Forbidden Museum is a classic monster adventure series that feels like a cross between the legendary Hammer Films and Indiana Jones. Craig gives us the details on the comics and the Kickstarter Campaign which launches July 10th. Head over to the Kickstarter "pre-launch" page and sign up for all the updates here:

Steve & Crypto are both extremely excited for this one!

We also mention our Buy Me A Coffee contributor giveaway contest. Visit and "buy us a coffee". All contributors before July 31st will be entered in the drawing for our growing mystery prize pack, AND be invited to join us on The Steve & Crypto Show to tell us about your interest, or whatever else you might wanna discuss!

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