Saturday, May 13, 2023

Cool Projects #39...Yep It's Back!!

Hopefully you guys are listeners of my podcast, The Steve & Crypto Show. If you are, you've heardme mention on recent episodes that I plan to drop more posts here on, and I'm really hoping to stick with that. 

If you're a long time follower of this site, you probably remember my series where I promoted creators works, which I titled 'Cool Projects'.  That sort of evolved into The Steve & Crypto Show, in a sense (as did this whole blog/site). I think, in my efforts to post more here, bringing back the 'Cool Projects' series is a great idea. One, so I can continue to get content out here and build my brand as a whole, but also, THERES WAY TOO MUCH AWESOME SHIT BEING CREATED to keep up with on the podcast schedule. That being said, I'm reviving 'Cool Projects' here. 

This first edition in the revival, will share a few indie horror comics...I'll keep em brief, but make sure you know where to find these books, and make your own decisions on em!...Let's Go:

SHOCK by Neil R. King

This one was from a crowdfunding campaign I supported. Neil King wrote this graphic novel as a tribute to his local hero and horror host growing up in the Philly area, Dr. Shock. It's not exactly a bio of the performer who played Dr. Shock, but the fictional life story of the character Dr. Shock. 

You now my love of horror hosts, so this one has a special place in my heart. It's definitely a pretty damn creative idea to develop the story of a character as such too. I think you can still find it on Kickstarter, and theres a good chance you can track down Neil R. King at his site

STRAWMAN by Douglas Armstrong

This one from Armageddon Comics, features the spirit of a soldier damned to walk the earth's battlefields and battle evil. That should be enough to hook ya, but if not, the art alone will grab and hold your attention.

The series looks and feels very much like the old EC type horror comics, which is beyond appealing to horror fans like myself. Follow Douglas on Instagram and leep up on his stuff.

OUTWASH ONSLAUGHT from Braydoxian Studios

The Outwash Onslaught cover grabbed my attention immediately when I stumbled upon it at Squatchcon, of which The Steve & Crypto Show were guests.

The comic, was a successfully kickstarted book which has gotten them some attention and invites to area conventions, is a slasher story about a murder victim who wanders the ocean floor seeking revenge on the folks who took his life. Like I said, that cover sold me immediately, and I wasn't disappointed when I checked it out.

Braydoxian Studios are some creators from our neck of the woods here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, who love comics and spooky shit just like us! They have some more stuff in the works including The Forgotten Tome- A Collection Of Horror Short Comics! Get in on that Kickstarter at


Kevin Glover is a talented guy thats done everything from writing comics, to acting and producing films, including the cult film Dinosaur Valley Girls. He's pretty much done it all.

Kevin Glover is also a mainstay on the horror con scene with a wide variety of horror comics and books, which is how we became acquainted. I wanted to share a couple funs ones with you though with Monster Smash-Ups. Check out all the stuff he has to offer at

Braydoxian Studios and Kevin Glover were both feature in episode 113 of The Steve & Crypto Show. Go listen and hear a little more about them: 


I'd been waiting a while for issue 2 of The Forbidden Museum to drop and it was totally worth the wait. Im also excited to announce that you can buy issues of the comics outside of Kickstarter at

If you're a follower of what I do, you already know that I'm all in on this comic series, as Craig has been a repeat guest on The Steve & Crypto Show. This Indiana Jones Meets Universal Monsters 'mashup', is a fantastic ongoing series that you need to hear about from the man himself. Go check out this one from the archives!

Do you have a project you are working on, or have released lately? Let me know on social media. i'm @thestevestrout everywhere, or just drop me a line at! I'd love to hear from you. 

Hopefully you've been listening to my podcast, The Steve & Crypto Show, which I co-host with my good friend Caleb. We are always trying to grow the show, but need your help. Consider joining us on Patreon at and get in on exclusive content there. All $$ goes into the podcast for promotion, upgrades, and anything else that aids in the growth of the show!

Peace out until next time...


Monday, March 20, 2023

Time Flies When You're Having Fun (And Busy As F*@#!)!!!

I really hoped to get to this post a lot sooner, but things have just been so crazy for me, in the best possible way over the last 12 months.
Just about a year ago, to the day, we were in the middle of "campaigning" for votes in The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, where The Steve & Crypto Show was nominated, for the first time, in the 'Best Podcast' category. 

I've mentioned on multiple occasions that being nominated for that particular award, was one of the forst goals I had personally for the podcast I enjoyably co-host with my good friend Caleb Lowery, aka Crypto Zoo (not to be confused with that scam by the annoying Paul brothers. Caleb used the name first!).

Other early mission for my show, was to launch a merch shop, and to get 1000 plays/streams/downloads a month. We got the merch thing going, and hopefully with the help of our friends, followers, and listeners, we continue to grow to that level of listenership and beyond. Keep spreading the word, and we will get there!

Ok I went off topic a little. I mentioned being nominated for the Rondo Award last year, and found out we were nominated again this year! This is such and honor for us. I honestly don't think we have a shot at winning, but wouldn't mind making a little noise in the process, so let's get some votes in, people! It's a pretty old school method of voting, but it's pretty simple. Send an email to and tell them who you are, and let them know you're casting your vote for The Steve & Crypto Show for 'Best Podcast'.

I do highly recommend heading to the official Rondo Award site and checking out the whole ballot, and consider voting in as many categories as possible. Who knows, you might find and wanna support a new author, movie, magazine, artist, podcast or some kinda creator in the horror genre you didn't know. I love digging in to the ballot and finding new folks to support. I believe voting runs into April. 

On a side note, in the indie movie category on the Rondo Awards ballot, there a fun little movie called 'It Came From Somewhere', which I happen to appear in, so maybe search that film down via Acrostar Films, and give them a vote along with The Steve & Crypto Show.

Funny I should mention being in a movie...

If you know me, you know that I've always loved film, particularly horror. Ya probably didn't know that I've always kinda wanted to be in a movie or two, which has almost come to fruition over the last year. 

I mentioned appearing in 'It Came From Somewhere', and though it was on a missing poster in a quick scene, I'll take it. It actually opened the door to some more opportunities and relationships in the movie world. I've appeared in a couple, done some voice stuff, and have even done some producing, including a current project I'm involved with called 'Nightmares Unleased', which is in middle of an Indiegogo campaign to fund the film. 

Hopefully you take a minute to check out this great feature film debut from a talented young filmmaker named Matthew Mark Hunter, who we will refer to as MMH from here on out, because I'm too lazy to type it. 😉 Get the details at:

Another cool thing I've been getting in to, is a little writing. I've been contributing to an awesome horror Fanzine based outta Portland, Oregon aka Horroregon. 

If you're a regular listener of The Steve & Crypto Show, you've heard our buddy Jack, the weirdo behind Stapled Spine, do his recurring segment on our show.

On top of that, I had a great piece, covering the history of horror hosts in the Pacific Northwest, published in Scary Monsters Magazine, which is a personal favorite. Yes it was a letter, but it covered 3 pages, so it counts!

If that wasn't enough going on, our podcast is starting to be invited to guest at events and conventions, including Jet City Comic Show (one of the best in the PNW), The Meeker Street Nerd Party (Kent, Wa), comic shop appearances, and we were even invited to cover and attend the Poulsbo Film Festival! The Poulsbo Film Festival is going into its second year, and I really feel it's gonna turn into a really important event here in our region. 

One more thing before I wrap this up, while on the event topic, we were just invited to join the festivities at another fun new convention here in Washington State called Squatchcon. Squatchcon will take place in Port Angeles, WA the last weekend of March. We will release more info once everything's set in stone. Keep up on that event at

Like I said...LOTS GOING ON! 

Glad you're all here for the ride with me. Stay tuned to The Steve & Crypto Show wherevwr you listen to podcasts and at (ill continue to share episodes here on TheSteveStrout too), and keep supporting The Steve & Crypto Show, and join our Patreon. We've been posting some interesting stuff there, which you can access for as low as a buck a month. Be sure to check out some of the affiliate links here on TheSteveStrout too, as I think they pay me?


Sunday, March 5, 2023

The Steve & Crypto Show Episodes 105-108!

I'd say it's about time we got you caught up on another batch of episodes from my podcast, The Steve & Crypto Show! 

This run includes episodes 105-108 which features lots of awesome stuff including another segment from Stapled Spine Fanzine's Jack Rudo, and a quickcheck in with a show favorite author, TJ Tranchell.

We also have a couple conversations with a pair of indie horror filmmakers, Bobby Canipe Jr. and Matthew Mark Hunter, aka MMH. I've personally taken on an assistant producer role in MMH's latest project, and feature film debut, 'Nightmares Unleashed', which is in the midle of a crowdunding campaign right now. Please check it out at

Hopefully you dig this batch of episodes. I urge you to subscibe to The Steve & Crypto Show on your favorite podcast app, so you don't miss any! We would love any feedback, and reviews and ratings on the apps really help the show status!

Check out episodes 105-108:

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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Steve & Crypto Show Episodes 99-104!

It's about that time to get you caught up with another batch of Steve & Crypto Show episodes. This round features Episodes 99-104. 

In this run of episodes we hit a huge milestone on the podcast. We hit our 100th Episode of 'your 3rd favorite podcast, and featured some amazing guests including animator Pat Moriarity, author Jacob Zappey, actress M.C. Huff, music man from The Last Drive In John Brennan, and Darcy The Mail Girl, also from The Last Drive w/ Joe Bob Briggs.

Dig in: This was a fun run of episodes, featuring a nice array of guests. Be sure to go back through our archives for more amazing guests and episodes.

Hopefully you've been enjoying The Steve & Crypto Show enough to consider nominating us in the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. If so, send an email to and tell them youd like to nominate us.

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