Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cool Projects #33

I'm going to keep this edition of Cool Projects short and sweet, in mentioning a couple of this weeks New Comic Book Day releases (Nov. 13th).

Monday, November 11, 2019

Cool Projects #32

Since its Veterans Day, were going to dedicate Cool Projects #32 to a Kickstarter campaign from Top Cow Productions that I feel is worth sharing, and a wonderful cause!

Top Cow is running a Kickstarter campaign for its 'Vetranology' entitled SOLDIER STORIES to raise money for the United States Veterans' Artist Alliance (USVAA) with a 5 story anthology created by veterans who have served in military conflicts. Proceeds from the Kickstarter, after costs, will go to the USVAA. 

Saturday, November 9, 2019

We Interview Actor David Dastmalchian About His Count Crowley Comic

We mentioned Count Crowley in Cool Projects #31. Count Crowley is a new mini series from Dark Horse comics, and also the comic book writing debut of popular actor, David Dastmalchian.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Cool Projects #31

Thanks for checking out Cool Projects #31. Sorry to keep you waiting so long, my friends! I was super busy with the Horror Host profile series. I really hope you enjoyed them!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Horror Host Profile #10: The Honorable Mentions

I'd really like to thank everyone, sincerely, for the support of the Horror Host profile series I did throughout October. Though it was very time consuming, and took away from posting much of anything else here (I do 99% of work here but always looking for contributors), I had a blast,  and enjoyed doing this. Hopefully you guys come back the geek out with me throughout the year here.

Since there are so many great personalities keeping the theme of horror hosted movies alive, that it was impossible to feature everyone! This entry to is to give a little shoutout to a few that we couldn't feature due to time mostly. I'm also including a list of links to the first 9 profiles we did in an upcoming post to share, in case you missed some. That also gives you a chance to find and share them individually so you can enter to win the Horror Host prize pack. Extra points if you're a Twitter follower or member of our Facebook page and group!

The prize pack features autographed photos from the legendary Count Gore De Vol and Svengoolie, swag from The Horror Hotel show, spooky art prints from Meagan Richard's (,  DVD's from Mr Lobo and more! 

This collection of prizes is pretty epic!

To enter, just share all 9 profiles around Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just make sure we can see you by tagging us (@thestevestrout) or use hashtags #ComicBookSwapMeet and/or #HorrorHost. Sounds like work, but it's worth it for these prizes! I plan to pick a winner Saturday night, November 9th...ironically while Svengoolie is on the air.

Check out a few 'honorable mention' Horror Hosts:

Lord Blood-Rah
Lord Blood-Rah is celebrating 10 years of horror hosting this year, and has had hosted 'Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Theatre' for most of that span. You can watch his show syndicated nationally and online. Find all the channels and details as to where you can watch 'Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Theater' at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram by searching @LordBloodRah, and "like his Facebook page at:

Miss Misery
Miss Misery is the host of 'Miss Misery's Movie Massacre' which airs on multiple channels nationally and on Roku by searching 'Miss Misery's Movie Massacre'. You can keep up on the latest from Miss Misery through social media channels at Twitter: and through her website,

Bobby Gammonster
Bobby Gammonster is the host of Monster Movie Night, which has aired for 10 seasons. He's a runner up for the Rondo Hatton host of the year in 2018 and a Hall of Fame nominee for 2020. You can check out his website at and follow him on social media at the Monster Movie Night facebook page

Zee Monsta
Zee Monsta is the up and coming host of the Horrors Of The PNW anthology series, and supporter of the horror convention scene. Find more info on her series check out Give it a "like" and tell her ya heard about HotPNW here!

Again, thanks for following the Horror Host series. Hopefully you give some of these great performers we shared over the last month a shot, whether you're an old school horror hosted monster movie fan, or just now learning about these great entertainers. Now go share all the profiles so I can give someone the prize pack. 

Stay tuned here at the year round for more nerdiness, and if you're interested in contributing and sharing your experiences and love for geekiness and fandoms, get in touch!

Steve Strout is the media mastermind (haha) behind this site, host of the Comic Book Swap Meet, nerd, terrible artist, gamer, convention goer and comic book reader who spends more time rescuing toys from thrift shops than a normal adult should. He is also known around the northwest for his promotion of live music and stand-up comedy events and is the creator/producer of the Comic Book Swap Meet mini convention, and Olympic Peninsula Comedy Competition (which will make it's big return soon!). Follow him on Instagram at, and  He can be reached for comments at on twitter at @thestevestrout