Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Q&A With Marvel Jessica Jones and CW's Arrow Actor, Wil Traval

photo credit: Brianna Alysse
I'm really excited to have been able to get connected with this next interview guest. Though it's a brief Q&A, it's a nice introduction to an actor who I believe will be a household name, before you know it. Enjoy this nice little Q&A with Wil Traval. Mr. Traval stars as Officer Simpson on the hit Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones. He's also appeared recently on Arrow and will have a role in the final season of NBC's Grimm. Those are three of my favorite shows, so I was pretty stoked about this one. Enjoy.

TheSteveStrout: Congrats on being one of the few actors to appear on DC and Marvel shows, having played Officer Simpson on Jessica Jones and Human Target on Arrow. How's it feel to be on that short list of talented actors?

Wil Traval: I am honored to be one of very few.