Monday, January 25, 2016

Q&A With Robin: Son of Batman artist, Mick Gray

Hanging with Mick Gray at Bellingham
Comicon. Gonna be giving away signed
copies of that Batman and Robin book!
We caught up with Mick Gray, inker on Robin; Son of Batman recently for this Q&A. We are doing a giveaway along with this interview, so share and read on for details!

TheSteveStrout: You've been been working on Batman "family" titles quite extensively throughout your career. How do you feel this latest title, Robin: Son Of Batman measures up to the other Batman series' you'be worked on?

Mick Gray: Well, it’s definitely much more all ages oriented in the subject matter, the way Pat is writing it. DC is trying to attract a younger audience in general. I think this book is terrific in the way we got to continue the story we started way back before the New 52. If you look at it overall as one big story we have been following Damian for approximately 50 issues now. Pretty impressive, I must say!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pretty Good Week...Sad, Not The Best, But Still Pretty Good

First and foremost, I say maybe it wasn't such a good week because, if you hadn't noticed, we've lost some beloved pop culture icons in the recent days in David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cool Projects #4

One awesome idea that came to our attention is for you retro-gaming geeks. Who remembers the game Dino Eggs from the early 80's on Apple and Commodore platforms where you travel through time to rescue dino eggs and hatchlings from hazards like snakes, spiders, and fire? Well dude to demand by fan emails, the creator David Schroeder developed a revamped revision of the game, featuring all new hazards, puzzles, and characters in the game!  Score one for the retro gamers! Check out the game site and this video clip I love the idea, and plan to check out the new game asap!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Guest Post: SacAnime recap with Jen Irwin aka Lady Scarlett

SacAnime Winter 2016

This was my second SacAnime experience and it was even better than the last.
This year they had organized the free autograph sessions FAR better than they did for the September 2015 con. Which made it a lot easier for those of us who wanted autographs to traverse.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shannara review...

Though I haven't read any of the books in the Shannara series yet, I've been really looking forward to the tv series based on legendary fantasy/sci-fi author Terry Brooks' novels. Here's my thoughts without spoiling and giving away very much plot.