Monday, October 25, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 50

It's finally here! The Steve & Crypto Show 2021 Halloween Special! Not only is it our Halloween epiosode, but it's also our milestone episode 50!

We had a blast putting this one together! We brought you a series of fitting guests, and some appearances from old friends and familiar voices including: Horror author Isaac Thorne Horror Host Malvolia "The Queen Of Screams" aka Jennifer Nangle Award winning actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, TheShape Of Water, Pan's Labrynth) Music From Shadow Figures And Drop Ins from: John Brennan (The Last Drive In w/Joe Bob Briggs Dario Eville (Dario Eville's Mausoleum Of Terror and past promo spots from Felissa Rose, Darcy The Mail Girl, Dr. Gangrene, Igorro, and Night Of The Horrorphile Podcast Listen. Share. Visit us on Buy Me A Coffee at, and HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 48

This is a really exciting Steve & Crypto Show episode, as we were joined by writer Stephen Langford. He has an extensive career writing, producing, and directing iconic television shows like Family Matters, Ewoks, and Tiny Toon Adventures (that's just the tip of the iceberg)...most exciting is his current work on the acclaimed Creepshow series on Shudder.

He gives us a quick breakdown of his career and delves deep into his work on Creepshow. Be sure to follow Stephen Langford on Twitter at:

Nice guy. Great chat. Check it out and enjoy.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 47

In Episode 47 of The Steve & Crypto Show, we feature a couple promo segments from multiple guests...

First guest is the producer of The Grit City Comic Show (formerly known as Jet City Comic Show), James Taylor. He joins us to give us all the details on next weekends convention in Tacoma, Wa, including some guests and attractions during Grit City Comic Show. The convention takes place October 9th in Tacoma, Washington. Get all the details at! The second guest is Jax, a lover of horror, and the host of the Here For The Boos podcast, which happens to be hitting its one year since debuting too. We had a great conversation, giving listers a sample of what she offers on Here For The Boos. I think you all will dig. Check out her show at and follow her on Instragram! She's always sharing her awesome horror collectibles! Not only did we have TWO interesting guest, we discussed Halloween viewing and more here in episode 47 of The Steve & Crypto Show! Thanks for listening. Keep spreading the word about The Steve & Crypto Show on social media, and if you've been enjoying, visit our Buy Me A Coffee page at