Monday, April 20, 2015

Norwescon and Sakura Con photo recap...

Before I get to the Norwescon/Sakura Con coverage, I realized I left out one of my favorite groups from the Emerald City Comicon recap, So I'm giving them a shout out now! Check out this awesome LOTR cosplay group!
If I'm not mistaken, these cosplayers are members of the Lord Of The Rings Costuming Facebook group

It feels good to finally get this convention coverage posted. It's taken a week longer than planned, but things were a bit delayed by some post-con health issues. I think I might have bitten off a bit more than I was ready to chew the weekend of March 2-5, when I booked two conventions in one weekend in Norwescon and Sakura Con! Might have ran myself a bit ragged, but I'd do it a million times over!


Reppin some friends at the table at Norwescon. My cosplay/prop building group PNWSFX ( and Robert Tritthardt of the hilarious webcomic Overcast With A Chance Of Doom

View from the other side of the table. Took some getting used to!


Three Good Faries!
Fantastic costumes!

Never miss a Dalek photo opportunity!

My neighbor at Norwescon. I'm really excited to attend and cover Anglicon!

Speaking of RObert Tritthardt's book. I had a little spare time so I read some. This stuff is hilarious. I highly recommend it. It has a very Bettlejuice/ Addams Family vibe to it.

Spidey tried to claim the Iron Throne...

Daenerys won...
Got a book signed by George RR Martin.

My favorite costume of the weekend! This youngster's first cosplay at a convention! This was a pretty damn good Princess Mononoke, right?

Author of the Z-Risen novel series, acclaimed writer Timothy W Long stopped by to say hi! Such a nice guy, and honor that he took the time to visit my table!
Oh, Alfred, the Crypticon mascot/spokesperson? came by to visit too! Such a nice guy, but rather quiet...

Here's a few shots from my frind and site contributor, Kelsi Othoudt...Go follow her on Twitter:

Beautiful Sansa Stark costumes by

Lord Varys alse by Seattle Cosplay

George RR wouldn't even look up or say hi!

This little dude should have won all the things!

Weekend wore me out, but I found this comfy chair to relax in!! I shall claim it as my own!

Ok. I have to admit, I've only recently been getting into watching anime and reading manga,so  I don't know a ton about anime, but I was super stoked about this show for the costuming. Sakura Con didn't let me down when it came to that aspect! I'm hoping some o you great readers can help me out and tell me some of these characters, and maybe even the cosplayer names so I can give them shoutouts. Thanks to Kelsi again, and Michael Beckman for doing most of these photos for
As a distinguished member of the

I have freinds! (from L to R,,, Kelsi Othoudt, and Michael Beckman (thanks again for the photos guys)!!!

My buddy Ryan Wells and his MXC group! Ryan is one of my favorite cosplay fabricators! Dude does amazing work!

Amazing work by 137 Cosplay:

Erik Keith, is another amazing cosplayer I've met recently

I am Groot!

Some Street Fighter battling w/ Haylee Troncone

One of the best Jokers I've had the pleasure of seeing!

Firefly group! Love
That's all for now. I'm still recovering from two straight weeks o convention shenanigans and a new work schedule. I will share more from these cons if anything pops up. Please let me know the characters and cosplayers if you can! You can find the ways to contact me below!

I have a couple interviews with Crypticon guests coming up really soon to preview that convention, which takes place in May! Who is coming? Also, dont forget about the nerdy prize pack were giving away on April 30th! Go here for details:

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