Friday, February 26, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 19: Women In Horror Month 2021

We celebrate Women In Horror Month on The Steve & Crypto Show, by featuring a few super talented creators and performers from the horror genre. We're joined by actress Julie Anne Prescott (, who's growing credit list includes Amityville Harvest and 13 Slays til Xmas. Be sure to keep up on her latest films on her imdb page. 

Stephanie Malone, podcaster and EIC of stopped by to tell us about her amazing site and new show. Swing by their for lots of great reviews and commentary on all things horror. 

We were also visited by writer/filmmaker/Horror Host extraordinaire Reyna Young aka the Horror Host Miss Misery. She is promoting a spooky yet fun children's book called The Pumpkin Man Of Hallow Falls, which you can find details on this book and her other endeavors at

I wanna give a special thanks to my good friend Meagan Richards for filling in for Crypto on this episode. She is a talented artist herself that specializes in horror themed paintings and her insect designs. Please visit her shop at

Hopefully you caught our last episode, where we discussed the indie horror film Intrusion: Disconnected with the writer Craig Everett Earl, and the star of the film, Katie Stewart. She is another talented actress we should be celebrating during Women In Horror Month and beyond!

Don't you worry, Crypto Zoo will be back on the air, he had some technical issues, which about sums up the whole month for both of us, and also why this episode was so delayed! 

We hope you enjoy it and check out the work these and many other women are putting out there in the horror world. Celebrate them, not only this month, but year round! 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 18: Katie Stewart and Craig Everett Earl Discuss Intrusion: Disconnected

Women In Horror Month is a perfect time for a visit from an award winning actress named Katie Stewart. She's been in some great indie horror, action and dramatic films, but took it to another level with her performance in the film Intrusion: Disconnected. 

Katie visited us on the Steve & Crypto Show, alongside the writer of Intrusion: Disconnected, Craig Everett Earl. Katie and Craig give us the scoop on the film, which is available on Amazon (with wide distribution plans soon), including some great behind the scenes stories from set, and some insight as to how much heart and soul went into making the film. 

The movie itself is a slasher that shows the impact of a person being pushed to their mental limits, and what happens when that threshold is finally crossed. Katie Stewart's performance and flair for drama and ass kicking, along with a unique story from Craig Everett Earl make Intrusion: Disconnected a very enjoyable and sometimes startling horror flick worth checking out! 

We enjoyed it, as much as we enjoyed having Katie and Craig on the Steve & Crypto Show! 

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Monday, February 15, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 17: Addison Binek

In Episode 17 of The Steve & Crypto Show, we are joined my Addison Binek to discuss his film Psycho Ape.

Goofy, gory, and self deprecating are a few words used in reviews to describe Psycho Ape, but we at the Steve & Crypto Show find it to be more of a breath of fresh air from movies that take themselves too damn seriously. Psycho Ape does have plenty of B-movie cheesiness and slapstick to go along with fun practical effects and gore but its so much more. Its an homage to everything from 80s slasher flicks to classics like King Kong.

Addison gives us the scoop on Psycho Ape includiing how the film came together, some info on the award winning kill scenes, and casting b-movie stars Kansas Bowling (B.C. Butcher...Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) and Bill Weeden (Sgt. Kabukiman...Citizen Toxie).

Enjoy the episode. Check out Psycho Ape. If you dig it, track down Addison Binek on social media and get a copy, or grab one on Ebay by searching Psycho Ape.

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Friday, February 5, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 16

This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available.

In Episode 16 of The Steve & Crypto Show, we discuss 'what's happenin' in the #PopCulture in recent days including some new movies in the works and more. We also launch our promo segment, where we will bring on a creator to pitch their idea or project to listeners (and Steve & Crypto). 

This episode we are featuring the NIGHT OF THE HORRORPHILE podcast. You can find their show wherever you listen to podcasts and at If you're working on a project, or have one you are currently promoting, reach out! Whether its a movie, comic book, novel, game, or selling art, we want to hear about it and possibly share it with our listeners. Oh, and we want to come.uo woth a catchy name for this segment, so send us suggestions.

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Monday, January 25, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 15: Blacky Shepherd and Cullen Bunn

We are joined on this episode by prolific comic book writer Cullen Bunn and artist Blacky Shepherd to discuss their Indiegogo campaign for ReAnimator The Eternal Lie, their comic book sequel to the H.P. Lovecraft short story, ReAnimator.  They discuss campaign perks, influences, their history working together and more.  You guys will dig this conversation whether you're a horror fan, comic fan, or just enjoy good conversation in general. Enjoy the episode.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 14: The West Sound Film Festival

In this episode of the Steve & Crypto Show, we are joined by the Executive Director of the West Sound Film Festival, Amy Coull.

Amy joins us to promote the West Sound Film Fest, which is based in Bremerton, Washington...In Steve & Crypto's neck of the woods. We discuss the affect Covid has had on their festival, causing them to go all online this year.  Amy shares some of the obstacles in making the transition to a streaming festival, and very enthusiastically gives us some details on a handful of the great short films the West Sound Film Festival is screening.

There is a bit of something for everyone in their movie lineup...including a lot of really intriguing horror films! Steve & Crypto will definitely be tuning in.  Head over to all of their social media outlets and website to get all the details and the latest announcements for the West Sound Film Festival.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 13: Dario Eville

In this episode, we get into one of Steve's favorite topics, Horror Hosts, we The Steve & Crypto HOSTS our guest, Dario Eville! Dario Evilleis the Louisiana Voodoo Gypsy Werewolf host of the Mausoleum Of Terror! 

Inspired by the likes of Elvira and the late Morgus the Magnificent, this young performer has risen in popularity through the horror host scene, paying homage to classic monster movies good and bad. Dario Eville blends a vast knowledge and respect for horror hosting, and at such a young age. Paired with the uniqueness of being the first person of color to be a Horror Host in Louisiana, he had potential to do big things. Inhis short tenure he's caught the attention of people from his fellow Horror Hosts, to celebrities like David Dastmalchian. He was even a featured subject in our friend Bradley Beard's Horror Host portrait series!


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