Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rose City Comic Con Recap

The last couple weeks since RCCC have been really hectic, therefore the delay on this post. Time was really tight, and I'm lucky enough to have had time enough to get these pictures posted. Thanks for always supporting and I hope you enjoy the pictorial. We want to see more from your weekend at RCCC so send us links on twitter: @thestevestrout and in the Comic Book Swap Meet group on Facebook at: Be sure to follow and join both too! We're doing a giveaway with this post, with details later in the article. Thanks to Haylee Troncone for awesome contributions to the site! Welcome aboard!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rose City Comic Con Preview: Q&A With International Cosplay Star, Ani-Mia

As promised, another great Rose City Comic Con preview Q&A with international cosplay star, Ani-Mia! I couldn't be more excited to share this little chat with Ani-Mia, and hope you enjoy it too! If you attend RCCC this weekend, Sept 10-11, be sure to stop by her table and say hi, take a photo, and maybe buy a signed photo of her in one of here amazing cosplays!!

photo by
TheSteveStrout: How do you keep inspired to constantly be putting out great new cosplays?

Ani-Mia: I'm always inspired by the movies and shows that I watch, games I play... There's honestly too much inspiration.

Rose City Comic Con Preview: Q&A with Christopher Sebela

Rose City Comic Con goes down this weekend, and like we always do, here's the first of our Rose City Comic Con (RCCC) preview Q&A's. This first one features one of the most prolific comic book writers on the scene, Chris Sebela. Mr. Sebela is one of the busiest writers, usually having no less than a handful of projects going on at any given time. We were lucky enough to have him spare a few minutes for us and this Q&A. Be sure to check out more of his stuff at, and be sure to swing by his table at RCCC! For more RCCC info go to