Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jet City Comic Show Recap

Due to real life circumstances, this show recap took me a lot longer to post than normal, which is a bummer because this convention, the Jet City Comic Show, get bigger and better every year. If you're not a regular attendee at this comic and pop culture convention, then you're missing out. Jet City Comic Show isn't the biggest con in the Northwest U.S., but is is growing in popularity and becoming a yearly nerd reunion for the area fanboy/fangirl crowd! 

When checking out this photo gallery you'll find many familiar faces from prior posts here and on this regions convention circuit. Maybe your face shows up in one of these pictures (more incentive to share the article)! Hope you enjoy! 

Don't forget, we're always looking for contributors, so if you want to recap cons, review media (comics, tv, movies, books, etc..) or anything else suitable, get in touch!!! We'd love to have ya. Can't pay, but I always make it a point to share geeky goodies I might collect in our work here. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Jet City Comic Show Preview: Q&A With Actor Robert Lasardo

courtesy of Robert Lasardo Facebook
Here's my second Jet City Comic Show preview piece/interview. This latest conversation is with one of the hardest working dude's in entertainment, Robert Lasardo. The name might not totally ring a bell, but with over 100 acting credit, I promise you recognize his face (and tattoo collection) from a tv show or movies. Though he's notorious for playing gangters and badasses, he is one of the nicest guys I've had the chance to interview. This was a really fun and inspirational conversation.

I was honestly nervous to talk to Robert, but after chatting for a few, you feel like your talking to an old friend. We even chatted for a few minutes after the interview about tattoos, and life. Be sure to swing by his table at Jet City Comic Show and say hi and show him your tattoos! I'm sure he'd love to see them....Enjoy the interview...Share the interview...Enjoy Jet City Comic Show...

TheSteveStrout: Lets start by talking about some of your favorite roles you've played.