Monday, December 19, 2011

Bahhhh Humbug!!!

I'm not a huge holiday fan (except for it) and to be honest, this time of year just brings me down, so I haven't been posting much. Just haven't really been that inspired. I have found a little joy in this season in some videos and friends blog, which I'd love to share with you all...

First of all I absolutley loved this video shared with me personally by Teal Sherer who you might know better as Venom, from the Guild. I think Teal is a great actress, and we should see a lot more of her in the future. I especially want to see more stuff like this:

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that she's a friggen hottie too!! Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter!!

Here are a couple other videos that really cracked me up. they might be a little dated, but they were hilarious nonetheless:

And in current events..Kim Jong Il is dead. HAHAHA

Be sure to read my friend Dee's recent blog about Santa. She pretty much calls his bluff!
Be sure to follow her blog. She loves zombies and costco muffins!

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great holiday season. I personally can't wait for this shit to be OVER!! I leave you on this note...

Love you all
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My year visiting nerd conventions...Enjoy

There are a lucky few people out there that really know me. The few of you that do, know about my geeky, fanboy side. Comic books, Star Wars, Zombie flicks, you name it and I'm probably in to it! Naturally, I've really been geeking out for what I refer to as "Nerd Conventions", like comicons and pop culture conventions. This year I've managed to make it to a few good ones.

Off I went armed with my camera phone and a handful of money to blow, and I'd like to share it with you, my enjoy, and please, share some of you cool con stories and pictures with me. Tell me which events I should consider attending (hopefully with a real camera..haha)...

March 6th, 2011 Emerald City Comicon

The evolution of the caped crusader!

This was the first convention I had been to in a few years. Probably since I went to the New York Comicon a couple times. Even though I only made it over to Seattle one day of the show, I managed to take in a LOT and have a blast!

Unfortunately I didn't meet Felicia Day, who I have a huge nerd crush on, but I did get to meet Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery from one of my favorite movies, the Boondock Saints, and was quite happy to add them to my autograph collection. The highlight of the day was probably meeting one of my all time favorite cartoonist, Sergio Aragones, of Mad Magazine and Groo fame. It was fucking amazing watching the man do sketches. I was mezmerized for a couple hours watching him churn out sketch after sketch. I got tmine, as well as a couple of my Groo comics signed! What a great day. I already bought weekend passes for ECCC in 2012! Hope to see you there!

Sharing a HI 5 with a Sith Lord
Seattle radio personality BJ Shea


Not sure who her character was, but she looked good ;)

Signed by the Boondock Saints!!


Judith O'Dea..."Theyre coming to get you Barbara!"
zomBcon October 21st, 2011

Like I mentioned before I am a huge Zombie fan. So... when I heard about zomBcon I did what I could to get to this event! I mean, this event had so many amazing legendary guest! Horror icons like Bill Mosely, Sid Haig, and horror effects extroidonaire Tom Savini! My main reason for attending was to meet one of the original scream queens, from one of my favorite movies of all time, Judith O'Dea from the original Night
Of The Living Dead! What a sweet classy woman. Very fan friendly. It was difficult holding back from spouting out the famous "theyre coming to get you, Barbara!!"

I got to meet a few of my "favorite" zombies from film and television including Flyboy from the original Dawn Of The Dead, and Big Daddy from Land Of The Dead...Notice the Romero trend? He's the greatest!!! The biggest surprise, and my favorite guest, was Melissa Cowan. If you dont know her, she was the actress who played the "Bicycle Girl Zombie" in the first episode of the Walking Dead television show. She was such a cool down to earth lady. I spent a while hangin at her table chatting about the character and more. I really hope to see her in more movies and tv shows and hope she has a successful acing career. You should all track her down on facebook and friend her. When ya do tell her I sent you, then buy one of her awesome Bicycle Girl photos, which she will personally autograph for you.

Oh yeah, I ran in to the Boondock Saints again at zomBcon. Norman Reedus' character, Darrell, on the Walking Dead is one of my favorites! The guy who plays Shane, Jon Bernthal, was a no show. I guess he was filming or something. There was so much to take in at this convention, but I did my best in one day. Ran into some old friends and made some new ones, so it was a success.

Big Daddy from Land of the Dead
Tom Savini-Legend! Did makeup and f/x on the original Dawn of the Dead

Speaking of Dawn of the Dead, it's Flyboy!!!

Sid Haig and Bill Mosely from the Devils Rejects were pretty damn cool guys!! I love when the legends are personable, unlike another featured guest that shall remain nameless!

The lovely B-movie Scream Queen, Elissa dowling...

I seem to keep running in to these guys!

this guy was there...looks like a bad case of herpes...

And this sweet old dead couple...
Meeting Melissa Cowan was probably the highlight of this event for me, She was very sweet and personable. You should go like her Bicycle Girl Zombie fanpage on Facebook (search for Melissa Cowan), and while you are there buy a signed photo!!
  This was quite possibly my favorite convention I've been to! Well organized. So much going on, but not overwhelming. Great friendly guests except for one guy that seemed like he didnt really care about his fans. I will absolutely be back next year.The promoters are not out for profit and the shows run by volunteers, so  go tot he zomBcon website and donate to keep zomBcon in Seattle!!!

Boston Super Mega Fest November 19th, 2011
Not very impressed with this convention. They had way to much packed into a small space. Half of the vendors were selling the same stuff. Very unorganized. I missed out on a few autographs because schedules weren't being followed. If I'm in the area, I would go to this show again, but definitely won't go out of my way.They would have to have a real special guest for me to come. The highlight of Mega Fest was that fact that my great friend Amanda came with me. Cons are definitley not here thing, so it was an adventure for her. Thanks for coming, Amanda, Love ya sista! Oh I did get to meet Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan, who both portrayed my favorite Star Wars character, Boba Fett...

Like I said, it wasn't the best, and don't have much to say about it, so here's some pictures. Enjoy!!

Jeremy Bulloch aka Boba Fett

Cool costume.."I pity this convention, fool!"

I wanna build one of these Ghostbuster packs!

I wanna be a fat Stormtrooper. Know anyone that can build me a suit?

This is that dude from that show that I dont watch, I took this pic to make my sister and friend jealous. HaHa

Here are a few pretty cool replicas of some famous cars!!!

Yours truly! This guys costume was prety damn cool! He put a lot of work...and green paint, into this Hulk costume!!

Ive got a headache now after posting this, so youre welcome, I got a shitload of vacation time, so here's to an exciting convention filled 2012!! I think I will splurge and go to San Diego for the big one next summer!!!

thanks for reading and as always, I love you guys and keep following me on twitter and coming to the comedy shows!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm a nerd...I'm proud to be a nerd...Shit, its actually cool to be a nerd now!

Remember when being a nerd wasn't so cool? I do! I remember being in grade school and if you were the nerd, ya caught Shit for it! You would be bullied and abused by your classmates, other kids, and even friends and family. I personally wasn't picked on, but I saw what was going on. Hell, I might have even picked on a classmate or two myself (regrettably so).

Then at one point it stopped. I didn't hear the word nerd or dork or geek for years, then all of a sudden these words were back.... They had a whole different meaning now. People were calling themselves these words, and with pride! Being a nerd is cool now. It's kind of funny to me, the fact that we consider ourselves nerds now for loving the things that we grew up on like comic books, scary movies, video games, collecting baseball cards, and so much more. We even find reasons to dress up like superheroes on days other than halloween! Even though I was a little dickhead and called uncool kids nerds, I still love all the same Shit I did as a little kid, and I call myself a nerd today....who woulda ever thought it.

Enough rambling about that silliness...

Now I will bore you with what I've been up to and got planned for the near future....which of course I will type during commercials during this History channel documentary about the history of zombies. Did I mention that I love zombie flicks? Most horror bores me nowadays, but you can't beat a good movie about the dead walking the earth and eating the living! Speaking of zombies, last week I made it to zomBcon in Seattle. Unfortunately I only made it for one day because I had to work. I will be there the whole weekend next year, but I will post a few pics and words about it in my next blog. I managed to do a little research at zomBcon and online for a writing project I'm starting. I'm going to write my first screenplay. It's gonna be a long process, considering any prior writing experience has been jokes for comedians. It's going to be a very b-movie "troma-esque" horror/comedy zombie movie. Who would have thought it with my love of zombie movies and background in comedy eh? Haha I will keep everyone posted on the script progress.

I gotta run now...I got the new Beavis and Butt-head on the DVR.

Thanks for listening, and if you want me to ramble about anything in particular, let me know. Talk to ya soon and I love you all!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello friends....

I'm sure that the most of you reading this already know me...the Subway guy...bringer of funny to Port Townsend, and the region...Handsome devil...Well, There's a lot more to know about me, and by sharing my life here, you will all see and grow to enjoy me more than ever. I will let you in on thoughts, ideas, stories, and opinions. Hell, I will probably even try to share some of my bad joke ideas or other writing projects I will be working on, and hoping for your feedback.

If ya got any ideas that you wanna discuss, feel free to comment. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Just a disclaimer, I have been considered offensive. I just have a crude sense of humor. I don't mean no harm. If I cross lines...Fuck it...get over it or don't read what I have to say. For the most part, I hope to entertain you and bond with you all.



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