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Interview with SyFy FaceOff's Roy Wooley...

I'm really excited to share this Roy Wooley interview I promised in the last post. I'm a big fan of the SyFy network show FaceOff, and Roy Wooley has been my all time favorite contestant, so I was really stoked when he agreed to take a few minutes for me last weekend at Crypticon. Here is my Q&A with Roy Wooley! Enjoy!
Roy Wooley and Me
TheSteveStrout: Have you ever been to Seattle before?

Roy Wooley: Never been to Seattle before. This is my first time, and IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I had an uncle that got transferred here in the Air Force and never left, and I understand why now.

TSS: It's a beautiful area. I moved here from the east coast, and can't leave.

RW: I understand. If and when I retire, this is where I'm gonna retire to...screw Florida.

TSS: Tell me about your background in art. Did you always do makeup and special effects, or did you start painting or something?

A quick makeup Roy did
at Crypticon
RW: Actually I started out just drawing and painting, and then sculpting became another medium because I got tired of just drawing and painting. The sculpting and the monsters came into that. Ya know, I've always liked the different types of mediums. I've done it all man. I've done everything from decorating cakes to blowing glass.

TSS: You're probably really bussy doing the special effects and this kind of stuff (the convention scene). Do you still find time to paint?

RW: Not very often. I find some time to sketch now and then, whenever I have an idea and I just want to sketch it out and things like that. I don't get to do much 2D art, but I still enjoy it when i do.

TSS: What inspired you to get into film and special effects?

RW: The movie An American Werewolf In London. The transformation scene. I know that scene has created more effects artist than any scene in history, but yeah, that's what got me wanting to do this.

TSS: How long have you been doing this?

A Roy Wooley original
RW: Professionally about 16 years, but I've been interested in it for like the last 30.

TSS: How or has being on the SyFy show boosted your career?

RW: It's been a reallybeen a really big boost. It's gotten my work out there. People could see my work, and see that I can do stuff. I can do more than just Halloween stuff. I mean, the Halloween industry has been fantastic to me, but some people think thats all that you can do. They need to know that you can do more, so FaceOff has been huge.

TSS: We saw on FaceOff that your work ethic is crazy. The stuff you fabricated and put together was ridiculous (in a good sense). Has that always been your style and ethic?

RW: Yeah. I've always thought that if a director asks for X and Y and you give him X, Y, and Z, that the next time that they're gonna look for somebody, they're gonna come to you. They know you're going to give more thanwhat they're asking for. Your gonna give 100%.

TSS: What kind of advice would you give to an aspiring makeup artist or effects artist?

Roy busy doing his thing.
RW: Practice. Find out what your passion is whether is special effects or any kind of art, and just practice at it until you get good. We got too many people that just want to jump in without knowing what they're doing, and they fail at it, and don't know why they fail. So, yeah, just practice practice practice.

TSS: I've taken enough of your time, so were gonna wrap this up. Before we do, is there anything interesting you want to add, anything to plug, or is there anything cool you have coming up?

RW: Yeah, if you want to see more of my work and see where I'm appearing at check out my website at

I can't thank Roy enough for taking the time for this chat with me. It was also my first in person interview, so It was extra exciting for me! Be sure to check out this super talented artist's website , and follow him on Facebook and Twitter! If he ever appears at a convention near you, go say hello for me!

Don't forget about the autographed Jeffrey Veregge Judge Dredd prints I will be giving away to a lucky follower. Just check out our interview HERE and follow @JeffreyVeregge and @thestevestrout on Twitter for a chance to win.

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Quick Crypticon photo recap, giveaways, and more...

 Crypticon has come and gone and again, and  I have pics to share with you, but first...

I just want to remind everyone about the giveaways/promotional stuff were doing. First of all, If you havent read it yet, check out the interview I did with IDW cover artist, Jeffrey Veregge here: ..Jeffrey was kind enough to set me up with a couple AUTOGRAPHED limited edition prints of his Judge Dredd cover he designed for IDW Publishing. Once we hit a certain number or readers, I will be selecting a random follower of both Jeffrey at and myself at , so be sure to share and retweet the Interview. There will also be giveaways once we hit 800 followers on twitter and 200 memebers of the Comic Book Swap Meet Facebook group simultaneously. You can link to that group here:

Speaking of interviews...I had the pleasure of doing a little Q&A session with Roy Wooley. Roy Wooley is a makeup and special fx artist, probably best known for his appearances on the SyFy network show FaceOff. He was gracious enough to put aside time for us, and was a really nice guy. Keep an eye out for the interview to be posted within the next week.

Now here's those Crypticon photos I promised. I usually take more pictures, but unfortunately was only able to make the show for one day. If you follow me on twitter, which you should be, you have probably seen some of these pictures already...

This was such a cool cosplay! I probably
should have gotten this guys info to share.
This was the bigfoot costume used in a movie being filmed. They were doing promo at Crypticon. I actually won a bigfoot prize pack in a raffle!
Walking Dead fans will get why this is cool and/or creepy!!
I want to give a big shoutout to Erik Albidress, who won this years Crypticon makeup contest. I've always been so fascinated by movie make up/SFX. Makes me wish I had some talent! Go friend him. I see a bright future for this guy. Sorry I didn't get a better photo.

Me being a dork, trying to make out with a Dalek
The lovely and talented Jessica Cameron. Follow her on Twitter she is one of the busiest tweeters ever. Ask her about the rad jewelry she makes too!

Zach Galligan aka Billy of Gremlins fame! He rocks the tweets too:   

The one and only Doug Jones. You might know him better as Abe Sapien from the Hellboy films, the silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Pan's Labrynth. He is probably the nicest celebrity on the convention scene! No con is complete without a Doug Jones hug. Doug is another great tweeter

Last but not least...My new buddy Reggie Lee. Reggie was in the film Drag Me to Hell, and probably best known for his role as Sgt. Wu on the NBC series Grimm!! I really dig that show!! Shoot Reggie a tweet too: Be sure to tell him your a friend of mine!

Like I said, I  unfortunately only managed to make it to the convention the one day, so there weren't as many photos as usual. If more turn up, you know I will share them with you all.
 Next year I'm going the whole weekend again. I'm not missing a minute of the show! If your in the Seattle area next May, you should come too. Crypticon is a blast. Keep and eye on their site to stay up to date.

Before I wrap this up, I just want to remind you to watch for the Roy Wooley interview, and to keep on sharing so I can give away these prizes!!

Also, if anyone is going to the Spokane Comicon this Saturday May 31st, and want to do a guest post about the event, send me a tweet or email me at . I'd like to share some coverage of this great growing event!

Love ya all,


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interview with artist Jeffrey Veregge and more...

I managed to get one of my favorite artists, Jeffrey Veregge to take the time and do a quick Q&A session with us, just before his appearance at Crypticon this weekend. Check it out and hope to see you at Crypticon...Oh, and if we get enough views and RT's of this interview, there will be a great prize to a lucky just might have something to do with this interview subject...Enjoy

TheSteveStrout: First off, can you tell us about your background as Jeffrey the person, and the artist?

Jeffrey Veregge: My name is Jeffrey Veregge, I was born in Bremerton, Washington back in 1970’s when my parents met as stunt doubles for a low-budget Grindhouse flick of the Lone Ranger. My Dad was the Lone Ranger back-up, my Mom was Tonto’s wife’s double and that folks is how the west was won…Actually the only truth in that is the 70’s and Bremerton. (But it does make for a fun story). I was raised out on my tribe’s (Port Gamble S’Klallam) reservation near Kingston called Little Boston. I graduated from North Kitsap High School and went on as an Honor Graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle. I studied for a short time with Tsimshian artist: David Boxley and later on WizKids! Games as a sculptor.
  If I described myself, I would say I am a Native American Artist & Writer who loves his wife & children, his family & friends, is a life-long geek (yes, I too suffered for many of the geeks and nerds today who bask in popular glory) a twisted sense of humor who loves being creative and loves being mischievous. So I am a fully-grown man-child.

TSS: As a Native American artist, do you feel a responsibility to be a role model for other Native artists?

JV: Yes and no. To me inspiration, motivation has to come from within. You can inspire others with your success and stories but only the individual can take the steps necessary to pursue one’s dreams. If I am to be looked at as a role model it would be as one who is not afraid to embrace who he is, not afraid of failure and remaining true to his passions.
Jeffrey Veregge's Hellboy

TSS: Who were your inspirations?

JV: I always say that even though Jeff & Connie Veregge gave birth to me, George Lucas, Stan lee, Larry Hama, Jim Henson, Ray Harryhausen and Steven Spielberg raised me. It was the collected efforts of men like them and the products of their fertile imaginations that the seeds of who I am today were planted. These men taught me the core belief that we must embrace the fantastic, ignore popular opinion and do what feels right to me as an artist.

TSS: How would you best describe your artwork and style?

JV: If Coastal Salish Art met and hooked up with Comic Art, had a kid and this kid was raised by Graphic Design all while having family reunions with Uncle Film and Aunt Television.

TSS: How much of your technique is self-taught?

A little, as much is just the normal journey any artist makes. Like I said I have had formal training and there the foundation was laid that helped me navigate today art world.

TSS: A lot of your stuff on your site looks like graphic design
work. Am I correct?

JV: Yes, you are. My Clark Kent routine is one in the world of marketing, where I have been employed for nearly 11 years as a Graphic Designer. So that work has and continues to affect the things I do outside of there.

TSS: What is your favorite medium to work with?

JV: Pencil & paper still rule. Although now I mainly just sketch my early concepts and then my thumbnails, this is the most important and probably the most rewarding part of any piece as it allows me to explore the possibilities without fear.

TSS: I see you attended the Seattle Art Institute. How much did that experience help you grow as an artist?

Jeffrey's interpretation of Boba Fett
JV: Immensely, it not only provided me with the needed pedigree to find steady work as an artist, it provided me with the foundation for overcoming any creative problem that gets thrown at me.

TSS: Would you recommend an art school for other aspiring artists?

JV: Definitely, what you learn is a method to solving creative problems. An art school grad will learn how to adapt and go into the unknown with a sense of confidence, knowing that they have a foundation that was built on the fundamental principles of art and design that will guide them through whatever project they maybe working on.

TSS: You recently got your first gig doing art for a well-known comic book publisher. Can you tell us about it, and when we will see it in our local comic shop?

JV: Yes, My first cover will be for IDW’s run of Judge Dredd, issue #23. It was fantastic opportunity that allowed me the chance to secure more work. I am currently work on my next gig, which happens to be my first #1 and main cover, plus I am doing this for issues 1-4. I cannot divulge the publisher or the title at this time, but I can say it is a well-known name.

TSS: You've been in shows around the country and won numerous awards for your art. What do you feel has been your biggest honor/accolade so far?
Jeffrey at ECCC

I have loved each award, every article, but honestly when I see and hear my 2 boys say that I am their hero and that they and my wife are proud of me, that has been the greatest honor I could ever get.

TSS: A lot of your art is based on Comics, movies and TV. Obviously you are a comic book fan. What did or do you read? Favorite movie? What TV shows are must see for you?

JV: My current pull list: Aquaman, Nightwing, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Secret Avengers, Hellboy, Mars Attacks, Spawn, Afterlife with Archie, Ghost Rider, Sukotto (Local Artist: Scott Adam’s book), Sons of Anarchy and The Winter Soldier. This does not count The Walking Dead or number of graphic novels I pick up on a regular basis.

Books: Reading right now Robopocalypse by Daniel Wilson.

Magazines? Popular Science, Horror Hound and GEEK magazine.

My favorite TV shows: Agents of Shield, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Comic Book men, @Midnight, Modern Family and Parks & Rec.

My favorite movies: too tough, but safe to say Star Wars, Empire, Wrath of Kahn, Raiders, Iron Man, Hellboy, Escape from New York, Alien, Shaun of the Dead, Django Unchained are some of the titles on that list.

TSS: Your going to be at Crypticon in Seattle at the end May. Do you have any other appearances coming up this year?

JV: I will be at the In The Spirit Festival in August in Tacoma at the History Museum, Rose City Comic Con in Portland in September, Jet City Comic show in Tacoma in November and various other venues as they occur. I update my Facebook page and make regular tweets on twitter.

TSS: Where can we buy your artwork if we can't make it out to a convention?

Jeffrey's version of a sci-fi classic
JV: My website has a store, plus Finger’s Duke, LTD Gallery in Seattle, and soon some local comic shops & later this year the EMP in Seattle and

TSS: Thanks for putting aside your time for us. Is there anything you want to share with fans and potential fans? Anything exciting coming up to plug?

JV: Yeah stay tuned for a big announcement in Previews for my first #1 in the early fall. I also have some other projects in development that will be known as they are completed that I can’t wait to share.

Thank you for the interview and to any of you reading this, thank you for your time. I hope I entertained you and kept you interested in this NDN’s life. LLAP.

Thanks to Jeffrey for taking the time to do this. Be sure to check out his website, and follow him on twitter

Before I end this post, I want to remind you all about upcoming stuff:

Keep on sharing, ReTweeting, reposting and spreading the word about this site, and our presence on Facebook and Twitter! As soon as we hit 800 followers on Twitter and 200 members simultaneously at the Comic Book Swap Meet Facebook Group, we will be doing our first giveaway. We're working on some great prizes like action figures, comic books, autographed items, art and more, so keep getting the word out.

Also, I'd like to offer guest post spots on this page, so if you ever want to cross promote let me know.

Last but not least...This thursday night at 10:30 PM we're having a meetup at the Uptown Theatre in Port Townsend for a special early screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past, so come out and join us if you're in the area!! If you're not stoked about this movie yet, maybe this clip will help:

Stay Shiny, Friends..


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Thrift shop haul, Godzilla, Giveaways and more....

So...Godzilla finally opened in theaters with a lot of hype behind it. It wasn't half bad. After that last Godzilla movie in the late 90's, I didn't have my hopes set very high. The movie just came out today so I'm not gonna give any spoilers. All I will say is that this was a fun movie. It started a little slow, but when it picked up, it was pretty epic.

I went and did me a little thrift shopping before the movie too. Take a look at the haul. Pretty cool stuff, I must say...
Though I dont have a Laser Disc player, I couldn't pass up on these gems! I also scored a copy of Edward Scissorhands, but gave it to my sister for her Johnny Depp collection.

Definitely had to get Episodes 4, 5, and 6!!!

A couple nice soundtracks to add to my record collection. E.T. is the only movie that's ever made me cry...granted, I was like 2 years old. I've always been a Bond fan too, so I coudn't NOT grab these.

DVDs DVDs DVDs....Yeah, that's the classic Transformers the Movie. The animated one, not the lame Richard Bay, Shia LeBeouf garbage.

I posted Ram Man on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram already, but I had to share him again!

I love thrift shopping. I also love Crypticon, which is next weekend in Seattle. Crypticon is the place to be for fans of the Horror genre. There's always plenty of great vendors, authors, artists, and celebrities to keep you busy all weekend. I'm looking forward to catch up with old friends, and to meet a couple celeb guests. This year they have one of my favorites in Doug Jones. I'm really stoked to get my Hellboy movie poster signed by him. I got it signed by Ron Perlman at Emerald City Comic Con earlier this year. Gonna make sure to meet Reggie Lee, also known as officer Wu on NBC's Grimm, and Roy from SyFy's FaceOff. Be sure to send me a tweet or find some other way to track me down if you make it to Crypticon. Unfortunately I will only be there Saturday, but would still like to hang out with everyone. Find me, friends.

Before I take off, I want to throw some ideas I came up with out there. I'm thinking giveaways. I'm going to have contests with fun nerdy prizes like action figures, signed stuff, comics, art, and more. I'm going to do the givaways once I hit certain numbers of follower and readers here, on Twitter, and in the Comic Book Swap Meet Facebook group. I'm thinking the first prize will go out when I hit 800 followers on Twitter and 200 members of the Comic Book Swap Meet group, so if you like free stuff, share, Retweet, spread the word, or whatever else gets the word out. Oh, use the hashtag #ComicBookSwapMeet sometimes too. Let's make it a thing. know the scoop...If you come up with any intersting ideas or have suggestions or know where to find us. If you don't know, then check here:

oh, I'm on Instagram too, just search or click here for: thestevestrout

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Inteverview with the Guild star, Teal Sherer, aka Venom, and more...

Hello again! I'm really excited to share this interview with Teal Sherer. You might know her better as Venom on Felicia Day's award winning web series Guild! I'm honestly honored that she took the time out of her busyschedule to do this Q&A with me. I hope you enjoy the interview, and check out all her other projects, especially Teal's My Gimpy Life web series. It's pretty damn entertaining.

Before we get into the interview, I want to mention the Comic Book Swap Meet group on Facebook. It started as a promotional tool for the Comic Book Swap Meet events that we organize here in Port Townsend, WA. The Swap meet is basically like a miniature convention. We have a few dealers, Comic creators, collectors, costumes, gaming and more...On a really small scale. Eventually the Comic Book Swap Meet page became an online version of the event where everyone shares news, art, buys/sells, and trades, and just chats about comics, superheroes, tv, movies, and other pop culture goodness! Basically just a bunch of nerds B.S'n.  At the same time it will still be used to promote not only our events, but other notable conventions and events. Please join the group. Spread the word. I know there's a million other groups like this, but it's not ours! lol

Oh, we will be having another Comic Book Swap Meet event in the near future. We're just searching for a new venue, so if your in this area and know of any place, drop me a line! If you use the tweets and share this info, use the hashtag #ComicBookSwapMeet!

Now, Enjoy the Q&A with the lovely Teal Sherer!!!


theSteveStrout: First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking time to chat with me. I know you are crazy busy with the web series, acting, dance, inspiring other actor/ actresses with disabilities, and just being awesome! What do you do with the little spare time you have? Any hobbies or anything?
Teal Sherer: Well, I love to binge watch TV shows.  Recent ones include all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights and Season 2 of House of Cards.  I can't wait for Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. I also like to workout with my trainer, spend time with my German Shepherd named Bre, and drink wine with my friends. 

TSS: What inspired you to get into acting?

I started acting in college.  I had to take a theatre class as part of my Communications major and fell in love.  My professor was very encouraging and cast me in roles that weren’t disability specific.  One of my favorite compliments I’ve gotten from audience members after seeing me perform is that they forget the wheelchair is even there, they just see the character. 

TSS: Most of us know you as Venom on the popular web series, The Guild. How did you land that gig?
Teal: Felicia Day and I met in 2004 on the set of the HBO film Warm Springs and have been friends ever since.  She wrote the part of Venom for me.  I've always been a big fan of The Guild and was so honored.

TSS: How would you describe Venom?
Teal: Smart, feisty, clever, out-spoken, no-nonsense, great fashion sense

It's Teal, the Wheaton guy and the rest of the
Axis of Anarchy

TSS: Since a lot of the people reading this are probably Guild fans, can you share a memorable or hilarious moment from the set of the Guild with us?
Teal: There is a funny behind-the-scenes moment on the outtakes where a beetle tried to attack Wil Wheaton during a scene we were filming.  Wil was freaking out, screaming and swatting at it.  I was so in character as Venom that I just looked at him like he was ridiculous and rolled my eyes.   It was really funny because everyone else broke character but me.

TSS: There are a lot of geeks out there like myself that wonder, are we gonna see you on the Guild again in the future?
Teal: It’s my understanding that they aren’t doing any more seasons of The Guild, but who knows maybe they’ll do a movie one day and I’ll get to be in that. Fingers crossed.

TSS: Obviously you have more to your resume than the Guild. You've appeared in award winning films such as Warm Springs. How was working with that cast of acting greats?

Teal:  I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with such acting greats as Kenneth Branagh, Kathy Bates, Dustin Hoffman and Annette Bening.   They are all so dedicated to their acting craft, and are just classy, professional and gracious.  It’s been a gift to work with and learn from them.


TSS: You also have your own web series called My Gimpy Life, which I find to be really funny. I'd call it a comedic chronicle of the life of a disabled but independent actress. I assume the character is a slight exaggeration on your own life/career?
Teal: My producing partner and the show writer, Gabe Uhr, and I are big fans of comedies like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Extras, and Louie and those shows inspire our approach. A lot of My Gimpy Life is based on my real life experiences, like the alley audition or the time a stranger asked me an extremely personal question in a bank parking lot.  We start with those moments, and then create characters and stories to heighten them. In real life, I generally avoid confrontation and brush those things off, but that wouldn’t make a very interesting show.

TSS: Do you find it harder in the business as an actress with disabilities?
Teal: The hardest thing about being an actor with a disability is the lack of auditions that come my way. Disabled people are out in the real world, but we’re underrepresented in films and on TV. I’d like the opportunity to be considered for roles that aren’t always disability specific, like the teacher, lawyer, best friend, or whatever.

TSS: You are also an activist involved with helping other actor/actresses with disabilities get work. What organizations can we look in to and maybe even get involved with to help out?
Teal:My biggest advice would be to support actors with disabilities.  If they’re in a show, check it out, and if you like what you see, spread the word.  If you see an actor with disability in a TV show that you like, send a message to the show (via Twitter, Facebook, or their website) telling them how you feel.  On the flip-side, if you’d like to see an actor with a disability on a TV show, let them know.

TSS: I personally have no disabilities, but still find you to be such an inspiration. How awesome is it to be an inspiration to so many people, disabled or not?   
Teal: I have mixed feelings about being called an “inspiration”.  Anyone who has watched My Gimpy Life Episode 3, which is titled “Inspirational”, will understand why.   I’m a lot more than my disability and often cringe when strangers call me inspirational for just being out in public doing everyday activities, like rolling down the street, grocery shopping, or going to the gym.  I know most people mean well, but I’m just living my life and it makes me feel less than when people put me on a pedestal just because I’m in a wheelchair.   On the flip-side, I peer support people who are newly disabled and show them that they can still have a productive, meaningful, great life.  So I guess you’d say I’m “inspiring” them and that means a lot to me.

TSS: What has been your personal favorite role, and if there was any role you could play, what would it be
Teal: Playing “Venom” on The Guild has been my favorite role.   I would love to play a character like DC Comics character ORACLE, a super smart tech genius who fights for justice behind a computer screen while sometimes kicking butt out in the field.

TSS:Do you have any projects you are working on or upcoming you can talk about? 
Teal: Well, I just got back from New York City where I did a rehearsed reading of a new play called Happy Place with the Manhattan Theatre Club.  There's nothing like doing theatre in NYC and it was an amazing experience.  Besides that, I’m just focused on getting My Gimpy Life out there to more people.  We’d like to make more episodes and I hope the show leads to more opportunities for me as an actor. 

TSS: Is there anything you would like to say to or share with your fans?
Teal: I just want to thank everyone for supporting My Gimpy Life, in particularly our Kickstarter Backers who made Season 2 possible.  If you haven’t seen the show you can watch all episodes (for free!) on our YouTube Channel:

For more info on Teal Sherer and her projects, follow her on these social media outlets:
also find her on...  
youtube • imdb • facebook • twitter

That about does it for now. Please feel free to share this post, Join the Comic Book Swap Meet Facebook page, and follow me on twitter for all the latest on my events and more...Oh and check out Godzilla next weekend. It looks pretty epic! Enjoy the trailer if you haven't seen one yet...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th Be With You, Free COmic Book Day, more....

First of all, I want to wish all my nerdy friends a happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You all!

I'm relaxing watching the Empire Strikes Back, so I'm going to keep it short, so Here's a few pictures from my Free Comic Book Day. Overall It's been a great weekend. Hope your's is as well.

Artist Jeffrey Veregge signing prints of his Judge Dredd cover art, which shoud be released IDW comics in the near future. Check out more of Jeffrey's Native/Comic Book themed art at, and be on the lookout for my interview with Jeffrey in the coming days! There might also be a prize involving one of these Judge Dredd prints. I'll keep you posted.

Sukotto by Indy comic artist Scott Adams. Check him out at Sukotto Studios! Be sure to find him on Twitter and Facebook too! Tell him I sent you.

 Here is the rest of the free comic books I scored yesterday. What Books did you pick up? Anything good? Does anyone want to write a guest review of any nice new titles they might have stumbled across, or just want to share their Free Comic Book Day experience? Contact me on Twitter or Facebook and we'll hook it up!

This was also something pretty cool we stumbled across on our FCBD adventures. Doctor Who fans will get it! Way too cool!
Then me and the crew ended the day checking out the Amazing Spider-Man 2. I really enjoyed it for the most part. I don't want to spoil anything for you if you haven't seen it, but I will say that the villains were kind of lame. I'd watch it again...For those of you who have seen it, what did you think?

The discussion also came up yesterday about setting up our own Comic Con here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We think we could draw enough of a crowd that it would be worth the effort and time. Besides, how cool would it be to have our own little yearly Con other than the Comic Book Swap Meet that we have on occasion? I think it's time to buckle down and get serious about this plan. If anyone else wants to get involved in the planning process, contact me! Let's do this. The area needs it, and we deserve it!

That's all for now. Watch for the Jeffrey Veregge interview and contest. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and the Comic Book Swap Meet page on Facebook, and spread the word!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Free Comic Book Day this Saturday and more...

Wow...I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted on here. A lots been going on. I know I usualy do my big post about Emerald City Comic Con and all but it just wasn't happening this year. I did attend, but was feeling very under the weather. Turned out I was actually going into congestive heart failure, which explains why I felt so shitty and unsociable that weekend. I'm doing good now though. Getting healthy. Losing weight. Feeling better than I have in a long time.

Enough about me though...

Who is stoked about Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 3rd? I sure am. It's a great way to get out and support your local comic shop,  introduce new readers, and just mingle and make new friends with like minded folks. Head over to Free Comic Book Day and find a participating store near you.

I know know my local shop, Avalon Comics at the Kitsap Mall in Silverdale, WA has some fun stuff lined up. They're encouraging cosplayers to dress up as their favorite superheroes and such, and offering prizes to the best! Also, they're hosting a special appearance by artist Jeffery Veregge, who will be signing at the shop that day. Jeffrey recently did some art for IDW publishing, and will be doing an interview on this blog very soon as well.

After spending some time at the comic shop, I'm gonna go watch the Amazing Spiderman 2. Have you seen it yet? Whats your opinion? Here's a trailer for those of you who have been lost in the woods andhavent seen it...

Well that's enough from me for now. Stay tuned for the interview with Jeffrey Veregge as well as some other exciting stuff...Before I go, I want to remind you all to join us on Facebook at the Comic Book Swap Meet group and follow me on twitter @thestevestrout and use the hashtag #ComicBookSwapMeet ...