Monday, October 12, 2020

Steve & Crypto Show Episode 5: Mike Fern

In the latest super sized episode, we chat with Mike Fernbacher aka Fern, from the band Brothers Of Alien Rock! We discussed everything from the passing of the legendary Eddie Van Halen to the rise of the Brothers Of Alien Rock and his life on the road in a past major label band. Fern even selected a few Brothers Of Alien Rock songs for your listening pleasure as well.

Check out the Brother Of Alien Rock and find their music at the following places:

You can also search for Brothers Of Alien Rock on iTunes/Apple Music

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Friday, September 25, 2020

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 4: Scott Adams

We can't thank you all enough for continuing to listen to the show. We have some interesting guests in the works so stay tuned. Keep spreading the word!

In this episode of the Steve & Crypto Show, we have a conversation with indie comic creator Scott Adams. We discuss his influences, goals, and what the future brings for his popular creator owned comic series, SUKOTTO

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You can also find info and where and how to read Sukotto at

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Halloween Huntin'

Happy Spooky Season!!!

Halloween season is here! Being my favorite time of year, I always look forward to checking out all the decor the stores have to offer! I took a bunch of picture on our adventure and thought I'd share with you guys. 

Before I post the photo gallery, I want to take a moment to thank you all for being patient here at the site while we launch the Steve & Crypto Show. We're very excited about the podcast, and appreciate your support so far. Keep listening and sharing and helping us get the word out for the Steve & Crypto Show. If you haven't listened yet, you can check us out on your favorite podcast providers including Apple, Stitcher, Google, Spotify and more. We are also available here on the and at  Be sure to use "#SteveandCryptoShow" when you're spreading the word about the show!

Now...Without further adieu, check out some of the fun stuff we saw in our Halloween hunt:

Here's a bit of our haul and some fun we had with it.

I probably should have kept better track of where the pictures were taken, in case you see anything you dig, but can tell you some of the places we shopped were Home Goods, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Spirit Halloween and the Dollar Tree. To my surprise some of the best stuff came from the Dollar Tree and Big Lots. We were very underwhelmed by Target and Spirit, but I felt they were all picked through or not fully stocked yet. 

Where are some of the best spots you've found for your Halloween decorations and goodies? Tag me in your posts! I love seeing your Halloween setups! I'll share some pics of our decorated place asap!

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