Sunday, July 9, 2023

The Steve & Crypto Show Episodes 114-118

Time to play "Steve & Crypto Show Catch Up" again! I'm delivering episodes 114-118 right here for your convenience.

In this run of episodes, on the Steve & Crypto Show podcast, we had a series of interviews based around Seattle Crypticon. That's our big horror convention here in the PNW. 

We had some great chats with folks like the iconic Kelli Maroney (Night Of The Comet, Chopping Mall), Matthew Patrick Davis (Barbarian), and some great indie filmmakers named Jason Brooks and Jeremy Rudd. The latter have a slasher dropping around Halloween called 'DIE'CED', and it looks great! 

We wrapped up that run of shows with a recap from Crypticon featuring a fun chat with the Adams Family, fresh off their appearance last season on The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs.