Thursday, May 24, 2018

Don't Call It A Comeback..

Ive been here for years...ok I'll stop..

Anyways, I'm sure you've all noticed I've been off the grid for a bit since late last year. I do the majority of the posts here, and sometimes life gets in the way and changes. This time things have changed for the better. If you know me on a personal level, you understand. If you don't know me personally, why aren't we friends!?

I'm going to put more effort Into posting more again here and getting my geek on with you all, since I've missed ya.

I haven't done much to fit the theme of this site lately but here's a few pics from the first half of this year, including a visit to the Museum of Pop Culture (in Seattle), Emerald City Comic Con, and a visit to the Funko HQ. Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I did visiting these places!

JET CITY COMIC SHOW (November 2017)



FUNKO HQ (May 2018)

Stay tuned here at, I'll be sharing more here again. 

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