Monday, June 12, 2023

Cool Projects #40: You Gotta Watch 'Grandma'!

Cool Projects #40 features an indie horror films, that's a total blast from the past!

If you've been a follower of my podcast, The Steve & Crypto Show, you know I love supporting indie filmmakers. We interview them, and have them come hype their funding campaigns on a regular basis. A lot of the films are hit or miss, but there IS the occasional gem, and Grandma is one of the gems we found through one of our episodes (which I'll mention later).

Grandma, from writer/director Bobby Canipe Jr., is a sick and twisted homage to the 80s SOV horror films, and genre classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  He even shot it to look grainy and gritty like an old VHS....shit, I felt guilty not rewinding it after screening it!

He brought together a great cast featuring a mix of talented indie performers like Angel Bradford (Debbie Does Demons) and Anna Clary (Mutilator 2) with underground icons like Brinke Stevens (The Slumber Party Massacre) and Deborah Dutch (Hard to Die). That's just to name a few of the on screen talent.

Off screen, Canipe brought together slew of genre legends as part of his team like, Donald Farmer, Mark Polonia, Joel Wynkoop and more. What better way to pay homage to the SOV films over the years than to have the filmmakers who made it a thing?

The film Grandma is about a young lady who used her inheritance to buy a b&b with a sketchy past. Turns out the prior owner, was using guests for meat to feed customers, then disappeared once law enforcement caught on to her operation...until the new owner starts setting up shop...Then Grandma returns with a vengance!

That's when the gore, and an amazing show stealing dance scene ensues. So yeah...lots of gore, and really solid fx, along with a creepy as fuck Grandma, make this one you should probably watch as a horror fan. 

I'm gonna rewatch it. You should find a copy through Bobby Canipe Jr. Find him on social media at amd vet you a copy of Grandma. Get more info on this up and coming filmmaker in the Steve & Crypto Show episode we did a few months back when he was raising funds for Grandma (see below) . This dudes gonna do big things! 

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 On a side note, track down Bobby Canipe Jr.'s documentary, Mom n' Pop: The Indie Video Store Boom of the 80s and 90s.