Sunday, June 25, 2023

Washington State Summer Con 2023!

I haven't been to a convention since Crypticon, and a large con in a few years. Time and the way the world had been, kinda kept me laying low for the most part....

I was well past due for a big convention, and that's just what I didn't with my visit to Washington State Summer Con. 

It was a solid show. Saw old friends. Made some new ones. I even stayed under my spending budget...just kidding, I totally over spent. 

It was worth it and though I didn't take nearly enough photos, I figured I'd share em here for you. A couple mighta went up on social media already, but here they are again and then some. 

Had to bring back the #ConPoopSelfie for my dear friend and talented writerGreg Smith

You know I had to bring back the #ConPoopSelfie for my dear friend and talented writer Greg Smith...and that Star Wars Experience was pretty epic, until I ended up in Mandalorian jail!

Shoutout to my new buddy Lance rockin' the PSYCHO APE shirt! That's a fun mess of a movie from my buddy Adison Binek. He's getting ready to start a sequel to that one. If you wanna get more info or be a part of it visit

Also...Adam Cole was cool as hell andighta inspired me to watch wrestling again...maybe?

Also shoutout to Joey from Kitsap Comics and Games! Great seeing those guys there. Joey partnered up with a friend to purchase Kitsap Comics, formerly known as Avalon Comics, in Silverdale, WA. It's a great shop. They're about to expand and have a grand opening event, and they invited The Steve & Crypto Show to be guests at the festivities. I'll keep ya posted...

Did any readers, followers, or podcastblisteners attend Washington State Summer Con too? I'd love to hear about it. I only went the one day, so I wanna live through you! 

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