Friday, October 27, 2023

Steve & Crypto Halloween Special Extras...

If you're a regular here at, you know that I am the co-host of the Rondo Award nominated podcast, The Steve & Crypto Show. Every Halloween, we do a special episode with big guest, music and lots more...

This year we went all out and did 4 huge episodes to celebrate the Spooky Season. On Part 4, which just released, I mentioned a few table top games, that are perfect for Halloween time, and since our show is audio, I figured I oughtta supplement the episode with some visuals of the games I mentioned, so here goes:

I will mention the producer of the game, and where applicable, I will drop an Amazon associate link to buy the game. Keep in mind, I may receive a small commission on sales (probably percentage of pennies on the dollar HAHAHAHA) through the Amazon links.

Haunted Mansion- Funko Games

Get it HERE:

Crows- Valley Games

Get it HERE:

King Of Tokyo- IELLO Games

Get it HERE:

Cryptid- Osprey Games

Get it HERE:

Horrified- Ravensberger

Creature Feature- Trick Or Treat Studios
Get it HERE:
Richard Garfield's Creature Feature – Trick Or Treat Studios Sorry I don't have an Amazon link for you, but take some time and check out Trick Or Treat Studios' shop. They have some AMAZING collectibles!

These are all fun games, and fairly easy to figure out gameplay. There are a ton of great YouTube demo videos too, which I use quite often! As you can tell, we play lots of games in our household:
Check out the episode here:

Hope you're all having a great Spooky Season! Happy Halloween!

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