Saturday, May 13, 2023

Cool Projects #39...Yep It's Back!!

Hopefully you guys are listeners of my podcast, The Steve & Crypto Show. If you are, you've heardme mention on recent episodes that I plan to drop more posts here on, and I'm really hoping to stick with that. 

If you're a long time follower of this site, you probably remember my series where I promoted creators works, which I titled 'Cool Projects'.  That sort of evolved into The Steve & Crypto Show, in a sense (as did this whole blog/site). I think, in my efforts to post more here, bringing back the 'Cool Projects' series is a great idea. One, so I can continue to get content out here and build my brand as a whole, but also, THERES WAY TOO MUCH AWESOME SHIT BEING CREATED to keep up with on the podcast schedule. That being said, I'm reviving 'Cool Projects' here. 

This first edition in the revival, will share a few indie horror comics...I'll keep em brief, but make sure you know where to find these books, and make your own decisions on em!...Let's Go:

SHOCK by Neil R. King

This one was from a crowdfunding campaign I supported. Neil King wrote this graphic novel as a tribute to his local hero and horror host growing up in the Philly area, Dr. Shock. It's not exactly a bio of the performer who played Dr. Shock, but the fictional life story of the character Dr. Shock. 

You now my love of horror hosts, so this one has a special place in my heart. It's definitely a pretty damn creative idea to develop the story of a character as such too. I think you can still find it on Kickstarter, and theres a good chance you can track down Neil R. King at his site

STRAWMAN by Douglas Armstrong

This one from Armageddon Comics, features the spirit of a soldier damned to walk the earth's battlefields and battle evil. That should be enough to hook ya, but if not, the art alone will grab and hold your attention.

The series looks and feels very much like the old EC type horror comics, which is beyond appealing to horror fans like myself. Follow Douglas on Instagram and leep up on his stuff.

OUTWASH ONSLAUGHT from Braydoxian Studios

The Outwash Onslaught cover grabbed my attention immediately when I stumbled upon it at Squatchcon, of which The Steve & Crypto Show were guests.

The comic, was a successfully kickstarted book which has gotten them some attention and invites to area conventions, is a slasher story about a murder victim who wanders the ocean floor seeking revenge on the folks who took his life. Like I said, that cover sold me immediately, and I wasn't disappointed when I checked it out.

Braydoxian Studios are some creators from our neck of the woods here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, who love comics and spooky shit just like us! They have some more stuff in the works including The Forgotten Tome- A Collection Of Horror Short Comics! Get in on that Kickstarter at


Kevin Glover is a talented guy thats done everything from writing comics, to acting and producing films, including the cult film Dinosaur Valley Girls. He's pretty much done it all.

Kevin Glover is also a mainstay on the horror con scene with a wide variety of horror comics and books, which is how we became acquainted. I wanted to share a couple funs ones with you though with Monster Smash-Ups. Check out all the stuff he has to offer at

Braydoxian Studios and Kevin Glover were both feature in episode 113 of The Steve & Crypto Show. Go listen and hear a little more about them: 


I'd been waiting a while for issue 2 of The Forbidden Museum to drop and it was totally worth the wait. Im also excited to announce that you can buy issues of the comics outside of Kickstarter at

If you're a follower of what I do, you already know that I'm all in on this comic series, as Craig has been a repeat guest on The Steve & Crypto Show. This Indiana Jones Meets Universal Monsters 'mashup', is a fantastic ongoing series that you need to hear about from the man himself. Go check out this one from the archives!

Do you have a project you are working on, or have released lately? Let me know on social media. i'm @thestevestrout everywhere, or just drop me a line at! I'd love to hear from you. 

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Peace out until next time...