Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Steve & Crypto Show Episodes 129-133

Uh Oh! Did you fall behind again on The Steve & Crypto Show? 

Let's remedy that by sharing Episodes 129-133 of your "3rd Favorite Podcast". The Steve & Crypto Show, with you!

This batch of episodes features a few from our Halloween series, which was an absolute blast, including visits from Lord Blood-Rah, Kunk Fu Vampire, Russell Hodgkinson TJ Tranchell and the legendary Svengoolie!

We also recap a couple events Crypto Zoo and I were invited as guests at, The Grit City Comic Show and the Fall Festicon, both here in Washington State. 

This was a fun batch of episodes. If you dig em, leave a review or rating on your favorite podcast app! We appreciate you.

Hope Everyone is having a great holiday season! Stay tuned here for my 2023 recap...

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Keep checking back in here too! I have lots more going on to share with you all...