Thursday, October 5, 2023

Cool Projects #41


You know how we do this COOL PROJECTS thing. I post and shoutout current or upcoming projects, whether it be comics, books, artists, crowdfunded projects, movies, and basically any media that falls under the horror or pop culture umbrella.

This round were gonna mention a couple indie films I was invited to screen recently. Though independent and low budget movies can be "less than perfect", there is a lot of heart that goes into these projects...and the entertainment factor is #1 for me. Isn't that what it's all about?

These films were exactly that...Entertaining! Let's see what I watched...and keep in mind, I'm far from a legit film reviewer. I just like to share my thoughts, and point readers and listeners to new stuff!

First was a horror/thriller from filmmaker J.D. Ellenberger called Lachrymose Primrose. This one was a wild ride, to say the least. It's the story of an author (played by Ted Bodnar) who is going through tough times after losing his daughter, and lack of recent success writing. He spirals out of control into a world of drinking, while seemingly going insane, leading to delusions and abuse of people around him.  Bodnar does a great job in his portrayal of someone "losing thier grip on reality". Shoutout to Michelle Mullins, who portrayed the wife, too. They both really shined in their roles, and though I'm unfamiliar with their work, I'm looking forward to seeing them cast in more films. 

This is really well directed by J.D. Ellenberger, with a unique and thought out story.  You'll dig the score if you're a fan of 80s horror, and STICK AROUND FOR THE TWIST!!

Lachrymose Primrose is definitely worth a view once it's available on Amazon and DVD/Blue Ray in January, especially if you are into a good psychological thriller.  I might have to talk to J.D. Ellenberger on The Steve & Crypto Show at some point.

Next movie I checked out is a little less cerebral than the first one. 

Do you appreciate a fun and extremely campy low budget films? Are you amused by poop innuendos, as I am? If so, you'll dig Death Toilet 5: Invasion Of The Potty Snatchers.

I screened Death Toilet 5: Invasion Of The Potty Snatchers. This was a fun film about the battle between good and evil. The story follows a skating Vietnam vet named Brett Baxter, and his search for his old friend Father Dingleberry, to team up with against a team of villains including Stinkeye, a knockoff Bond villain, and Pottymouth, who gave me Caesar Romero Joker vibes. The cast was solid in the film, and even had a few performers playing multiple roles (or should we say pulling double Doody)! Lots of laughs and a  decent story left me pleasantly surprised. I had fun with this one.

Head over to to find trailers, and details on where to watch the first handful of Death Toilet films!

Overall I dug these movies, and am always thankful when filmmakers and production companies ask me to checkout their stuff. I'll always give these films a chance, so keep em coming. If I dig, I'll share a few nice words. 

Hopefully you readers take a chance on what I do too.  Besides this blog, I co-host a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award Nominated podcast called the Steve & Crypto Show. We cover pop culture and horror, with an emphasis on promoting and supporting creators, whether you're making movies, comic books, art, or anything else that pertains to horror, pop culture, and nerdy stuff! 

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Keep checking in here too! I have lots more going on to share with you all...

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