Monday, October 30, 2023

Cool Projects 42...Spooky Theatre!

I've been very busy this "Halloween Season", between my commitment to watching a horror or spooky themed film or television show every day in October, recording voice acting parts, writing, being guests at spooky season events with my podcast (The Steve & Crypto Show), and producing said podcasts' run of Halloween Specials.  It's been a grind, but I found time to check out some "spooky theatre", which is a little out of the norm for me. A regional theatre company here on the Olympic Peninsula in Western Washington, called Olympic Theatre Arts, adapted my personal favorite horror movie, Night Of The Living Dead, and I couldn't miss this opportunity.

Now, I'll be completely honest, I didn't go with the highest expectations. Not taking away from the Theatre's talent, but because I'm a bit obsessed with Romero's masterpiece. My earliest memories of watching, not only scary movies, but film in general, are of the 1968 classic Night Of The Living Dead (right alongside the original Star Wars trilogy).

I've immersed myself in NOTLD to a point of becoming friendly and acquainted with cast members from the classic. I've even had Russ Streiner, who portrayed Johnny, on The Steve & Crypto Show. I own multiple copies of the film, and have worn out countless other copies over my lifetime. I'm that kind of a fan of this film. 

With that being said, Olympic Theatre Arts, which we will refer to as OTC, went way above and beyond my expectations in their production. They followed the story fairly well, but added modern twists. They updated the zombie outbreak, by tying in the recent pandemic troubles we've been experiencing. 

They played into how the modern world is so consumed with technology and how we'd react if it all stopped cell phones, for example. I know I'd be lost without mine! We saw how the lack of knowledge and understanding leads to fear. I sure remember seeing people not "masking up", and keeping my distance, before having a better understanding of situation we were in. 

Besides the 'updates', which were a very welcome breath of fresh air to an already gripping story, the cast was fantastic! Johnny and Barbara were played younger than in the film, by two really talented young performers. I gotta be honest, the young gal who played Barbara, absolutely nailed the role, and made her more of a badass too! She might have stole the show. 

The Coopers were played perfectly. You still wanna cheer when Harry gets a knuckle sandwich from Ben. You pity Helen, knowing she's doing her best to raise a kid with a jerk of a husband, who is obviously abusive.

There were plenty of Zombies too! Gotta have the zombies! 

Gotta give props to the whole crew too. Director is obvioulsy a NOTLD fan. The choreographers for the action scenes made it all believable. The sound designer brought the performances to another level with the dramatic sound effects. The makeup/fx were on point! The zombies looked zombified. There was enough blood and gore to keep a lifelong horror junkie like myself happy. 

They all nailed it. 

Overall I really enjoyed the show. If they do it again next year, I'll be back...Maybe I'll even find a way to pitch in. 😉

I'm going to attach some pics from the playbill so you can see the amazing cast and crew. 

Shoutout to my friends at Anime Kat ( for sponsoring this wonderful OTA production of Night Of The Living Dead! Thats an amazing shop in Port Angeles, WA that I've collaborated with on multiple occasions.

Hope you're all having a great Spooky Season! Happy Halloween!

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