Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Steve & Crypto Show Episodes 119-123

Time for another edition of "Let's Get You Caught Up On The Steve & Crypto Show Podcast"!! This run includes episodes 119 through 123, which are embedded here in this post for your listening pleasure and convenience, because I care...

This was a fun run of episodes, featuring chats with a couple filmmakers in Addison Binek and Ron Bonk, a chat with fellow weirdo and podcaster Ashley Hilt (On Wednesdays, We Talk Weird), and we got the scoop on Indie Horror Junkie Magazine from Rick Danford (who also happens to be a filmmaker). 

It's been a fun handful of episodes, which led to our 3rd year of the podcast. Be sure you're subscribed on your favorite podcast player, as we have a lot of awesome to come...INCLUDING HALLOWEEN!!!

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