Monday, May 27, 2019

New Feature At!

I mentioned on social media that I want to do a regular feature here promoting all our favorite comic book stores, where I'd let you the readers, share your favorite comic shop with the world via guest post here at

Show us what sets your favorite store apart, and give the shop a little free publicity, and you a reason to go comic shopping. If you have a site, blog, podcast, or something of the sort, we can give that a shout out as well. It's a win-win situation. Let's not limit it to comics. How about other "geek" culture shops like anime, gaming, retro and more! Let's make this a fun chance to cross promote and connect.

Get out to your local shop. Take some pictures. Write a short summary about the place. Show what makes your favorite retailer unique frome your own perspective. I just ask that you get their permission first, before taking lots of photos in their establishment.

It just so happens that we have a submission from out friend James, a long time collector and gamer, from a recent trip to Torpedo Comics, a shop I've personally wanted to visit, in Las Vegas. He is a long time collector, and very knowledgeable having shopped at a ton of comic book retailers and conventions.

For those of you the have been to Torpedo Comics, you already know how awesome this place it, an if you don't know, check out James' photo gallery and comments about Torpedo Comics...

James' Torpedo Comics trip:

They have a large collection of graded comics as well as higher- grade back issues.

It's pretty amazing. It is a place for serious collectors. All the graded stuff is for sale I believe. They also have variants and all the new issues are bagged and boarded.

They have a large collection of graded comics as well as higher- grade back issues.

It's a great store with quality back issues and collectibles. The staff was courteous and eager to help; they even turned on the the motorized at-at for me.

James B. , Las Vegas, May 18, 2019 

Thanks for sharing your visit to this great shop, James. For more info about Torpedo Comics, check out on social media and AT their site, by clicking the following links.

Torpedo Comics on Instagram

Torpedo Comics on Twitter

If you want to share your favorite comic, nerd, gaming, or anime shop, let me know!

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