Monday, May 27, 2019

Cool Projects #22

Lets kick of Cool Projects #22 with YET ANOTHER fun looking game on Kickstarter, since I dig good indie games. This one is is Solo Una Noche, a luchador wrestling themed game from Cabin 21 Games.

This one looks like it plays fairly simply by defeating your oponent with your deck of signature attack maneuvers. You take down down their energy levels enough to defeat then via pinfall, submission or knockout. 

The funding is off to a slow start, but if we spread the word enough this one will hopefully fulfill the campaign goal. Check out more about Solo Una Noche at: or Cabin 21 Games on Facebook

We also have a couple great comics to show some love to. 

The first coming from our friends at Top Cow Comics and Image Comics, Cyberforce...

Last year Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill relaunched Marc Silvestri's Cyberforce, which was an early Image Comics regular series about a team of cybernetic enhanced mutants...

In the reboot of Cyberforce, Stryker is seriously wounded to have his life saved by an organization trying to play god and create soldiers more than do good. He is revived, but at the expense of his humanity and and control over his own life. 

Issue 10 brings him together with family and associated who seem to have been cybernetically enhanced, and under control of their "creator" as well. 
Check out these preview pages courtesy of Top Cow
Being my first delve into Cyberforce, with issue 10, I found myself intrigued and fascinated by how this story could unfold, and also needing to go back and check out the first handful of issues to see how we've arrived here. 

I'm really feeling the bold and vibrant art from Atilio Rojo. Its full of detail, but not overwhelming to distract from the dialogue. It works really well. Issue 10 is available now, and trades for the first handful of issues should be in stores or on the Top Cow site. For more info on Cyberforce and more great titles from Top Cow, head over to

This next one looks pretty good too.

Boom Studios and the creative team of bestselling writer Kieron Gillen and artist Dan Mora bring us Once and Future #1.

This one kicks off with Duncan McGuire having a date interrupted by an emergency call from his grandmothers retirement home, only for the emergency to actually be the re-emergence of an ancient villain having been summoned by nationalist.

In unbeknownst to Duncan, the only way to stop this threat is his retired monster hunting grandma! Follow this limited series as Duncan learns his family past, while saving the world with his badass granny! Once and Future sounds crazy, but awesome, right?

Check out some sample pages and note the look on his grandma's face in the last panel.  It's priceless!:

Once & Future #1 hits comic shops August 14th. For now checkout for more info!

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