Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bellingham Comic Con recap...

It's been a really busy last month or so for me between RCCC, Olympic Collectible Expo, Geek Girl Con, and Bellingham Comic Con. Like I mentioned before, we have a date set for the Comic Book Swap Meet too!! My pictorial rundown of the show will follow a couple quick announcements here...

First off, I just wanted to share that I was invited to be a judge for a zombie costume contest. We all know my love for the Zombie genre, so I couldn't help but share that with ya!

I've also spent a lot of time supporting a couple up and coming cosplayer friends and nerd news sites. If you aren't already, go check out Lauderdale Cosplay, John Nutter Cosplay (congrats to John on his awards for his Quailman at Bellingham Comic Con), and The Nerd Truth. I endorse them all the way...


Speaking of cosplayers, I shared a picture in the Geek Girl Post of an awesome Captain America cosplay (among a few others) and asked if anyone knew who the cosplayers are so I can throw them a shoutout. I just happened to run into Captain America at the Bellingham Comic Con this past Saturday. He is James Holliday also known as Seattle's Captain America. That link will send you to his Facebook fan page, go give him a follow anf see where he will be appearing next. He is also known for his work with the 501st Legion. If you don't know about them, they are a Star Wars themed cosplay group that does a ton of charity work and stuff. Awesome organization, with top of the line costumes. We talked about some great ideas, and I look forward to working with these guys and doing some good for the community.

Bellingham Comic Con
The Bellingham Comic Con took place this past Saturday, October 18th. Such a fun show. If at all possible, you should check it out next year!!! Here's the pictures for your enjoyment, and as always, be sure to check out and support all the links scattered throughout the post...

This show is bigger every year. This is the first time I had to stand in line to get in!
One of my personal favorite artists...Stefano Gaudiano
Stefano is the current inker on the Walking Dead comic series. My favorite current comic series.
Stefano working on my sketch cover...

Finished product!
I showed him my bag that Matthew Southworth drew a Spider Man on. Mr. Gaudiano insisted on adding a zombie to my bag.  Such a great guy. He also took the time away from his work to do a Q&A for this site. Watch for that in the coming days.

The kiddos stole the cosplay show at Bellingham, as far as I'm concerned. This young Rogue refused to let me take a photo until she removed her glove to "take Mystique's powers"...Love it!
Lady Deadpool! Correction...Great Lady Deadpool!
My friends from Creator's Edge Press. These guys have some great independently owned comics out. Go check them out, and if you see them at a con, tell em I said hello...
Some beautiful books from Creator's Edge Press. Check out their site: Creator's Edge Press
The great Randy Emberlin and his art! He's drawn practically EVERYONE!
Ben Hansen was another great artist at the show. I didn't know him before, but instantly became a fan of his work. Check out his art at : http://1314.deviantart.com/
I took home a stack of Ben's prints! Might be contacting him soon about a comission.
More Ben Hansen work. Like I said, check him out: http://1314.deviantart.com/

Here are some great cosplays from the show...

                                          Busy Convention floor...
This great vendor has a shop in Bellingham called Finders Keepers. They're at 1840 James St. in Bellingham, WA. If you're ever up that way, check them out.
The dudes from Finders Keepers working hard! I still can't get over how busy the convention was.
Artist James Taylor. Another cool guy I'm looking forward to working with in the future. James was there supporting the Bully's Bully, his webcomic...as well as the Jet City Comic Show, which we will be covering early November.
John +Charles Comics booth stayed busy! They had tons of great books at awesome prices. I hope to have them sell at an upcoming Comic Book Swap Meet.
Comics Comics Comics
BobaKhan Toys 
I see these guys at all of the Northwest cons. BobaKhan Toys' booth stays busy at all the shows, rightfully so, with the great selection they always bring with them.
BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles also have a shop in Everett, Wa. Go check them out at www.bobakhan.com
Just a tip of the iceberg of BobaKhan's selection...
Artist alley stayed busy

Roundup of some of the award winning cosplays...
Little Rocket Raccoon!

Like I said before. The little ones stole the show!
The Dude
Pay attention to the Green Arrow, Spider-Man!!!
That's how it's done, son.
As I mentioned previously, watch for that Stefano Gaudiano interview as well as Kit Cosplay's column along with the great comic book review. Until then...

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