Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 31

 We honestly didn't think we would put out episode 31 this week, with Steve taking a short (much needed) vacation. He was so hyped about his little trip, when he got home, he had to tell everyone about it.

Therefore, The Steve & Crypto Show episode 31, features a quick recap of Steve's adventure this past weekend, a couple tidbits from the entertainment world, and a "re-airing" of a promo segment from our horror host friend, The Bone Ranger!

We mentioned here in episode 31 that there is going to be a post at very soon with a photo gallery from Steve's vacation  including a bunch of fun treasures from his visits to some awesome antique/vintage/collectible shops, AND HERE IT IS!!!

One in particular is a place called Nate's Vintage, in Ocean Shores, Washington! I'm pretty sure if you dig this show, you'd dig that shop, so we had to give it a shout out! Even if you never make it to the shop, visit them at and follow their social media ( If by some chance you do, tell em you're a friend of The Steve & Crypto Show)! 

Be sure to visit our Buy Me A Coffee page ( and contribute to the show! If you do by July 31st, you'll be entered in our contest...Details in the episode!

Listen to episode 31, and check out the photo gallery below..

Pretty sure this is the closest to a Bigfoot sighting as I'll ever see?

These next few were literally the neighborhood we stayed in. 3 junk and antique shops on the same block! Fuck yeah!

Pretty nifty shopping experience in Ocean Shores!

I found the giraffe in a shop full of sharks?

This is a place to see, if youre ever in Ocean Shores, WA! Like seriously!
Nate's Vintage, as mentioned in the Steve & Crypto Show episode! Fine em online at

I didn't even know this place was 40 minutes down the road from us!
I'm glad wepopped in on the way through.

Here's the haul from the thriftin' and junkin' we did on the trip! 
Im hyped for it...especially the King Kong stuff!

Shout out to the Rusty Nail in Pacific Beach, WA! That was a fantastic antique and collectible shop, which for some reason, I didn't take any photos... visit