Monday, August 23, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 41

We are back with more hype for our favorite Horror convention here in the PNW, Crypticon. This time we have a horror icon on the show to get us ready for Crypticon.

We have Angela from Sleepaway Camp...The Last Drive In's Mangled Dick Expert...Felissa Rose! She came on the show to share her excitement for her upcoming visit to Seattle for Crypticon and to tell us about a few current projects she has in the works.

Get all the Crypticon details at and keep up on Felissa Rose's latest or buy an autographed photo on her website at

Even if you're not attending Crypticon, this was a fun chat, and we appreciate you listening. Spread the word about The Steve & Crypto Show and use the hashtag #SteveAndCryptoShow on social media!

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