Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 42

Welcome to episode 42 of The Steve & Crypto Show. First of alll, we want to thank all of our listeners, friends, guests, and supporters for being here though our first year of our podcast! Yep this episode is officially the one year anniversasry of our launch! On to episode 42...

In this episode, we discuss our weekend at the PNW's premiere horror convention, Crypticon. It was Crypto Zoo's forst trip to Crypticon, so we discussed his thoughts on whether it lived up to Steve's hype...SPOILER ALERT...It did and then some! We also discussed our highlights, and feature a few guests who popped in on the Steve & Crypto Show over the weekend... Meet everyone and check out their stuff... Timothy W Long www.timothywlong.com Michelle Kilmer aka Michelle Von Eschen www.whenthedead.com and while you're at it, visit www.zoms.com and check out the rest of her families endeavors. and one that probably don't need an introduction, if you're a listener to The Steve & Crypto Show, Darcy The Mailgirl...From The Last Drive In With Joe Bob Briggs, and host of the Geek Tawk Podcast: www.kinkyhorror.com Be sure to listen to all the past episodes, including last weeks, which featured horror icon Felissa Rose, who was also at Crypticon...you'll dig our story about here here in episode 42! If you've been enjoying The Steve & Crypto Show, consider contributing to the show through our Buy Me A Coffee page at www.buymeacoffee.com/stevecrypto