Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 40

We made it to episode 40!

We are going to devote this episode of The Steve & Crypto Show to our favorite fan convention here in the PNW, Seattle Crypticon! We are going to hype it up a little by introducing listeners to some of the great vendors at Crypticon. We have a couple artists, an author, and a retailer on this episode, that will all have booths at the convention.

If you're not attending, dont fret. All these great creators have online shops for you to check out, and I think you will after meeting them here on The Steve & Crypto Show.

Here are our featured guests on this episode, and where to find them:

Travis Bundy: www.thoughtboxcomics.com

Elizabeth Guizzetti: www.elizabethguizzetti.com

Audrey Funk aka The Mad Monster Lady: www.madmonsterlady.com

Arkham Bazaar: www.arkhambazaar.com

These awesome creators are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vendors at Seattle Crypticon!

We also have a special hello from next weeks guest in our second Crypticon hype episode, horror icon Felissa Rose! Yes, Angela from Sleepaway Camp, right here on the next Steve & Crypto Show Episode

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