Monday, October 25, 2021

The Steve & Crypto Show Episode 50

It's finally here! The Steve & Crypto Show 2021 Halloween Special! Not only is it our Halloween epiosode, but it's also our milestone episode 50!

We had a blast putting this one together! We brought you a series of fitting guests, and some appearances from old friends and familiar voices including: Horror author Isaac Thorne Horror Host Malvolia "The Queen Of Screams" aka Jennifer Nangle Award winning actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, TheShape Of Water, Pan's Labrynth) Music From Shadow Figures And Drop Ins from: John Brennan (The Last Drive In w/Joe Bob Briggs Dario Eville (Dario Eville's Mausoleum Of Terror and past promo spots from Felissa Rose, Darcy The Mail Girl, Dr. Gangrene, Igorro, and Night Of The Horrorphile Podcast Listen. Share. Visit us on Buy Me A Coffee at, and HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN