Thursday, August 15, 2019

Cool Projects #25

First off I want to give a shoutout to this great artist, Antony Hare, that has a very unique delivery style for collectors of his work.
Antony is a digital illustrator bring a really cool style in his art. He does portraits of celebrities and pop culture icons, comics, and has done commissioned word for many companies and publications.

A lot of artists will sell you actual prints, which is really cool, but in this case you get a high resolution file of the piece at a really affordable price through his online store. This allows you to use the illustration indefinitely at your discretion. You could use as screen savers, print it yourself or whatever.

Even Kevin Smith is a fan of Antony Hare's work, which is how I discovered. Check out his site and store for the digital downloads at and respectively. Thanks to Antony for the art samples to share with you guys.

Boom Studios brings us a new horror adventure in Something Is Killing The Children.

This thriller brings us to a small town being terrorized by a series of murders, when a mysterious character, Erica Slaughter, shows up claiming to have the ability to stop the string of crimes.
Authorities become leery of her when she believes children's claim of monsters in the woods. Is Erica Slaughter a legit monster hunter, or just a crazy the police should worry more for the tight knit communities safety?

James Tynion spins this tale as the writer, with Werther Dell'Edera providing brilliant, dark visuals only fitting for this book. Boom Studios releases Something Is Killing The Children # 1 on September 4th. More info at

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