Friday, April 26, 2019

Cool Projects #16

In this edition of cool projects , number 16 to be exact, I'm going to mention an upcoming service that definitely don't need the promotional help from this little website, but the more news that drops on it, the more I'm pumped for it!

I'm talking about Disney+...

The streaming service launches November 12, 2019, and is set to bring us a lot of intriguing new content to go along with an already extensive catalogue from Disney, Marvel, and the Star Wars universe. 

A few projects in the news coming on Disney+ include:   

The Mandalorian, which we mentioned in the Star Wars Celebration post recently. If you missed that check out that entry HERE

The Mandalorian will be produced by Favreau, with various directors, including Taika Waititi, which personally has me amped up. 

A couple other shows debuting on Disney+ will be Wandavision, in which Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen reprise their roles as Vision and Scarlett Witch. 

That should be a good one, as should Falcon and Winter Soldier. Reports on the great chemistry between Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan can only equate to a great show...I mean, they were awesome together in Endgame (which I hope you've all had the pleasure of seeing by now!). 

If those Cool Projects werent enough to sell Disney+, then that backlog of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars classics should be enough. 

What are your thoughts? Are going to order the streaming service in the fall? It's apparently going to be cheaper than Netflix and Hulu too! Tweet us. We wanna hear from you!

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