Friday, November 27, 2015

Q&A with Mitch Kosterman, Producer of the Supernatural Fandom Movie

I don't know how many of our readers are Supernatural fans, but I love the show. It has a lot of personal meaning to me. I know I've mentioned the tough last couple years I've had, but in some weird way, this television show (along with my beloved Walking Dead) has taught me a lot about perseverance and overcoming odds and obstacles in life. Feel free to message me and ask any time. 

Anyways, the fandom for this show is unbelievable, and so tight knit that this film project myself and producer Mitch Kosterman discuss in this Q&A HAD TO BE MADE!
Mr. Kosterman took a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer these questions about the Supernatural Fan Movie. I initially heard about the film last summer at a Supernatural convention up in Vancouver, BC, Canada, which if you missed it, I did a little show recap. Check it out here: Supernatural Convention Recap. Check out this trailer for the Supernatural Fan Movie, then enjoy share my Q&A with Mitch Kosterman... and use the hashtags #SPNFamily and #ComicBookSwapMeet when you're spreading the word!:
The Steve Strout: First I'd like to congratulate you guys on reaching your funding campaign goals. What were some other obstacles in putting this film together?

Mitch Kosterman: Thank you, Sir!  It has allowed us to travel to shoot more stuff and paid for almost all of the post production services and give a few bucks honorarium to our large cadre of volunteers.  Ep 3, which comes out this Sunday, would not have been what it is without the money to add the Pasadena interviews a couple weeks ago.
The obstacles were three: gaining the trust of the network and cast, traveling costs and scheduling free time with the cast.

SS: Will we see most of the cast members in the documentary? Anyone missing that you wish could've participated?
MK: Any cast member is welcome and we have had some great surprises, which we will show you.  There are over 1200 cast members total, so far.  We have about 30 interviewed including:  Sebastian Roche is one I had really hoped to interview but, although he is keen to participate, the man and I never seem to be in the same city.  We have Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sam Smith, Sam Ferris, Rachel Miner, Felicia Day, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Timothy Omundsen, Katherine Boecher, Ruth Connell, Travis Aaron Wade, Osric Chau, Nicki Aycox, Eric Carroll, Kim Rhodes, Alaina Huffman, Curtis Armstrong, Jim Beaver, Rick Worthy, and more.  Also did not ever connect with Gil McKinney except on the phone.  But I am hopeful.  We still have time.

SS: What inspired the Supernatural Fan Movie to be made? 
MK: My brother has been working on the show for nearly a decade and his observations of conventions led him to believe there was a movie in it.

SS: What was the time frame from it being an idea, to a reality? 

MK: A little over three years (I have been involoved for over two years).  The first ep was released November 15th, 2015

SS: What are your goals for the movie?
10 or more 22 mintues eps
1 or 2 feature films.

SS: Im under the assumption that the movie will be released as a mini series? Are there any plans for other distribution formats?
MK: Yes, we are exploring all options but a feature is in the works and will be released March 11th, 2016 in Las Vegas.

SS: How's the feedback been from cast, fans , and critics so far?
MK: Over the moon positive.

SS: What was your connection to the SPN world and SPN Family?
MK: Through my brother Clif.  Bodyguard4JandJ

SS: What does this fandom mean to you guys?
MK: It has been an eye opener for me.  My brother has always felt he was a part of that community.  He wanted the world to see some of what he sees.

SS: How and where can we see the movie?

SS: Anything you'd like to add about the movie or to the SPN Family, or any fan universe for that matter?
MK: You are a part of something wonderful.
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