Thursday, September 10, 2015

Supernatural VanCon and PAX weekend...

 I'm still reeling physically and emotionally from last weekend's events. The weekend was full of firsts for me...First time leaving the country...First Supernatural con...First time lucky enough to score PAX tickets.

I didn't go into either convention prepared to do a full recap like normally, but the weekend was too amazing to not share some photos and stuff with you all...

First off, I hit Supernatural VanCon in Vancouver, BC, Canada with my good friend Haylee ( It was my first time leaving the U.S. so there was that exciting factor, but I was really looking forward to the whole con being dedicated to one of my favorite shows.  For some reason , Supernatural seems to really strike an emotional chord with its fan base, and I'm no different. I've dealt with a lit this last couple years, that I'm not going to get into here (but feel free to ask anytime). This show has taught me how to persevere and be strong through demons/issues in my life. Crazy emotions!! Especially this weekend during VanCon. I may or may not have teared up on countless occasions during panels and conversations with my sidekick.
Did I mention I did my first cosplay at VanCon. Here's my prep for my costume. Bobby Singer! I miss that guy on Supernatural.
Train to Canada. Hayle's head poking out behind me!
 Here's a bunch of shots from panels and stuff. I was so caught up in things that I didn't take many pictures myself, because like I said, I didn't prep to cover shows. I connected with a couple fantastic photographers that were gracious enough to let me use a few of their pictures. If I mis-credited any, Please let e know asap and I will fix em right away. Their credits link to their Twitter pages, so please go follow them and appreciate their talents.
credit: @s_verasani
Bad shot of Haylee in the costume contest. Her Meg was awesome, and even got a comment from Crowley himself, MArk Sheppard!!
Speaking of the King of Hell
Haylee's perfect Abaddon and my sloppy Bobby. I had fun though. This picture is borrowed from @WinchesterBros , one of the preeminent Supernatural fansites in the world.
Rob Benedict, who plays Chuck on Supernatural, has a fun rock band called Louden Swain.  They put on a rock concert Saturday night with a lot of celeb guest performances. Fun times! Some celebs performances were great , especially this next guy......

Easily one of the highlights of the weekend. During the Saturday night Louden Swain concert, Jensen Ackles came out and sang Lynyrd Skynrd's Simple Man, and absolutely Killed it! credit: @s_verasani
Officially my favorite Funko POP in my collection now!
We hung with @ActorMMurdock for a bit. He's the young actor who played Crowley's dart board in Season 10. Good guy. I wish his lots of luck in his acting! Hope to hang with him again some time.
Biggest surprise was how amazing, personable, charming , and beautiful @RuthieConnell was all weekend. I look at Rowena in a whole new light!! 

credit: @GYWKaren

credit: @GYWKaren

This happened. Didn't really need a caption tho, did it?

We lucked out and scored PAX Prime tickets for Monday, so we made a day of that in Seattle, since it was "on the way home"...It turned out to be quite the pitstop. Other than table top and board games, I'm not a huge gamer, but this convention is a thing to see!! Even if you don't play video games, there is so much awesome to see and do. It was rather overwhelming to take in after the emotion filled weekend up at VanCon! I definitely wan't to spend more time at PAX next year.

First thing I saw outside PAX!!!

Hung out with my buddy Kelsi too!!

So, these badass Mad Max themed Uber's were driving around the area too! I wanted to ride in one!!

Ok so Cards Against Humanity put packs of  cards inside of popsicles!  
I couldn't not get a couple!
PAX haul! Had to!
  Crazy weekend. No time to rest though. Gotta get geared up for one of my favorite shows of the year, Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon! I dropped an RCCC preview interview here last weekend with Agents of Shield's Brett Dalton...Go check it out if you haven't yet. See ya at RCCC!!!

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