Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pretty good week...

Had a busy week at the ol' day job, but gotta pay the bills. Basically spent the week buzzing from the great weekend at Jet City Comic Show. The awesome nerdiness carried over to this weekend with a big movie release, in Spectre, and mingling with more renowned sci-fi and fantasy authors..

Spectre, the latest installment of the James Bond series came out this weekend to rather mixed reviews.  Personally enjoyed it. It may have dragged in a few places, but it had the typical Bond gadgets, wisecracks, and beautiful women. Definitely worth checking out, but don't get your hopes too high.

My buddy, and fantastic comic writer, Mark Rahner gave the most honest review I've heard or read for Spectre... For real, listen to his review on the BJ Shea Geek Nation podcast here: ...You guys should be listening to that podcast anyways! It's one of my favorites, and they are a good crew that show lots of love. And while your at it, check out more of Mark Rahner's work. He writes a handful of titles for Dynamite Entertainment including Twilight Zone, and Vampirella. Oh, and they just released my favorite Rainer work on Comixology, Rotten! Go get it HERE

Here in the town I live in, we have a great community theatre group, the Key City Public Theatre (KCPT). They're a top notch group that I work with by producing stand up comedy events with them to help raise funds since they are a not for profit organization. I absolutely love to work with them. KCPT does a "shorts" series. This month's version featured a reading from award winning Sci-Fi author Greg Bear. Mr. Bear is a Nebula and Hugo award winning author of titles such as Darwin's Radio, Eon, and some books in the Halo series. Mr. Bear happened to be on hand for the reading and I got the chance to chat a few minutes with him. We made plans for an interview soon for the site. I'm really looking forward to that.
Greg Bear and myself

Also on hand was my friend and author Elizabeth Anne Scarborough, who is a fantastic author in her own right having won the Nebula award for her classic the Healer's War and co writing books with the legendary Anne McCaffery. She's working on a new project and is getting prepared to launch a Kickstarter for it, which I will definitely share for you all. You can stay tuned on her site too:

It's crazy, this run of meeting all these amazing writers...Terry Brooks...Greg Bear...Annie Scarborough...Brian Herbert...just WOW...did I mention my pile of books to catch up on is getting overwhelming HAHAHA!

It's really been nice to finally put my feet up and catch up on some television I've fallen behind on since I had conventions for 3 straight weekend's. I'm tired, but it's all worth it.

AND...Over these last few weeks of conventions, I've accumulated lots of goodies for you guys, including signed comics, and stuff signed my the prior mentioned Dune writer, Brian Herbert. Watch for some giveaways soon, especially with follower and viewer numbers milestones coming up, so keep sharing and spreading the word on all the social media sites!

I think I'm going to make these "Pretty Good Week" posts a regular thing. You ok with that?...
Ok, I'm going back to catching up on shows, including the second episode of Supergirl (I really liked the pilot), and the Flash...What shows are you watching nowadays? Let's talk about it at our Facebook group: Comic Book Swap Meet

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