Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jet City Comic Show Recap

Wow, the crew at Jet City Comic Show have outdone themselves once again with the 2015 edition. Not only did they add a second day to the convention, but they added more of everything! More celebrities. More top notch comic creators. More vendors. More renowned authors. More programming. Just all around more fun! 

Scott Adams and yours truly manning the booth
It was an extra special show because was on the other side of then table for the weekend, as we shared a booth with the creator of SUKOTTO , Scott Adams. It was nice to it back and watch the show from another perspective. It was also humbling to have attendees come by and recognize me from my work here on the site.  It was a great experience. I couldn't have asked for a better table neighbor than Scott and Sukotto Studios. Be sure to check out Sukotto at

Jet City promoter James Taylor
and Michael Berryman
There were a couple extra special moments over the weekend including a great conversation with horror icon Michael Berryman. We probably chatted for a good 45 minutes about life and how he is is very into animal rescue and anti bullying. Such a nice guy, who wouldn't let me leave without him giving me an autographed photo from his character on the DEVIL'S REJECTS. We plan to connect at some point for an interview. He has stories to tell!

Myself, Terry Brooks, Brian Herbert
Bruce Taylor, and bossman's bro!!
Speaking of interviews, you all probably read the ones I did to preview the Jet City Show...If not I will link them again. The first was with the writer of the Dune series, bestselling author Brian Herbert. We corresponded via email so it was nice to chat with him in person. A fantastic guy with so much knowledge and stories to share. He actually gave me some goodies to share with our readers, so watch for some giveaways. 

The lovely Linnea Quigley, America's Scream Queen
Chatting with Mr. Herbert led to one of the most surreal moments in my celebrity and convention interactions over the years. He happened to be friends with the renowned fantasy writer, Terry Brooks, who was also a guest at the convention, and we all shared mutual friends as it would happen, which led to one of the most epic photo ops I've been part of. We had 3 of the greatest SciFi and fantasy authors of all time in a photo (Terry Brooks, Brian Herbert, and Bruce Taylor) with yours truly and my boss' brother (of all people)!!! Words can't describe!
Then of course my other interview was a quick one with scream queen, Linnea Quigley! She was the topic of many a childhood ''fantasy'' after her dance scene in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD! She was beyond sweet and so gracious to the fans. I just hope she kept my buddy Roy busy, who happened to be her assistant for the weekend. 

So much fun packed in the weekend. It went way too fast. Check out some of the other stuff going on in these pictures:

Katie Cord and Timothy Long...there were som many great authors at the show! Check them out at Evil Girlfriend Media
This dress was stunning!
Table neighbor hard at work on a sketch for a fan!

Finally got to meet up with one of my favorite cosplay fabricators, Coregeek  Cosplay

Katelyn Jones Cosplay in her Loki, also done by Coregeek! Even Coregeek's kid is a badass cosplayer!!
Marvel artist Jeffrey Veregge, Loki and myself!

The Doctor and K9!!!

Hanging with the #ComicBookSwapMeet crew, Scott Adams, myself, and Jeffrey Veregge!!

Awesome Arya Stark!!

Ash the Riveter aka Tina Rivets Cosplay
Chappie cosplay!! Love that movie!!
My friends in the 501st
The legendary Terry Brooks
John Nutter Cosplay (Who helped at the booth all weekend) with Thor from the Comic Book Characters for Causes, who do lots of amazing charity work around the Puget Sound
Of course I had to hang with my buddies at the CBC4C booth! Here's one of my favorite cosplayers here in the NW, and one of the sweetest people, Jerikandra Cosplay. Shes's linked so go follow her!! I strongly urge you to go check out the whole 2015 Jet City Comic show photo album from the Comic Book Characters For Causes photo booth here

If anyone knows the name of any cosplayers not linked, let me know. All other pictures courtesy of myself, John Nutter Cosplay, and H. McKenney Photography

Thanks for another great show. Looking forward to the Jet City Comic Show for years to come! Extra thanks to my friend James Taylor for giving myself and my other media buddies at Sci Fi Monkeys access to all the celebs, artist, authors, and more!! James is also an amazing artist himself. Check out his webcomic, The Bullys Bully here, or through the link at the bottom of this page...Until the next post, keep sharing and spreading the word...Oh and watch for more fun giveaways on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook....

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