Friday, October 2, 2015

Brothers Of Alien Rock Are Invading Soon!!

This is a different kind of post here at think you'll dig it though...

What's more nerdy than aliens playing rock music?
If you answered not much, then you were correct! 

Aliens are making contact soon. Not to abduct rednecks, probe them, and whatever else supposedly happens when they name is the Brothers Of Alien Rock, and that's exactly what they're here to do... ROCK! Have a look:

Get ready for AUDIO ABDUCTION from B.O.A.R.!!

I'm personally looking forward to the Brother Of Alien Rock invasion! Need more's this?

Not a believer yet? You will be after this next clip!

In all seriousness, I dig Brothers Of Alien Rock's sound and look forward to their pending invasion (album release and tour)! I happen to have made contact one of the aliens, and they're pretty damn geeky too!

For more info and music by Brothers Of Alien Rock go to:

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