Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cosplayers We Dig...And so should you!!

I am personally a huge fan of cosplay and cosplayers. So much to the point of me finally doing my frist costume at a convention this past summer
at Supernatural Vancon. I went as Bobby Singer from the show, and I will admit I was inspired by a cosplaying friend who I've shouted out here on numerous occasions, Haylee Troncone.

I compiled a quick list of a few cosplay friends, fabricators, acquaintances, and favorites who are super talented and inspiring, in hopes that you support, follow, and appreciate them too. There are a ton more cosplayers that I'm a fan of, but theres are a few that I actually know or am acquainted with. Show them some love.

Haylee Troncone , She's not only a good friend, but shes really talented and artistic. She is part of our crew, and can quote just about any movie too!!!

Lilith Shes another really talented up and comer that I hope to do some work with soon...

Ireland Ireland Reid is fairly well known already, but is super cool, talented, and funny as they come. Shes awesome to her fans.

Abi Sue Abi is a friend on the NW convention scene. She's pretty damn humble for being as good as shes gotten at making her costumes. I want to learn from her.

Jerikandra Jerica is also popular on the NW scene. You'll usually find her hanging with her buddy Abi. That a talented duo! Shes so sweet too. One of my favorites.

Travari Cosplay: Travari is pretty new to the cosplay game, but has loads of potential. She's a pretty cool person too.

Ani If you know cosplay at all, you know Ani Mia is one of the top cosplayers ANYWHERE. I don't really need to hype her up.

Megane One of my favorite people! Super talented from comic characters to anime she nails every costume she builds.

Ryan This guy is currently blowing up! He fabricates some of the most amazing stuff. He's another that I've featured here a few times.

James Jimmy is a good buddy. He does a lot of good charity stuff with the 501st, and probably has the best Boba Fett cosplay I've seen.

Miss Miss Sinister is another well known cosplayer. Shes beautiful, talented, and a badass!

Thanks to everyone I borrowed pictures from!! Send me your info and I will gladly link your photos to you.

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers? Join us in the Comic Book Swap Meet group and lets have a chat about it!

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