Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jet City Comic Show recap and more...

This one took a little longer than planned to get posted due to my work schedule getting turned upside down. but here goes.

I made my first visit to the Jet City Comic on Saturday November 8th. I was absolutely pleased by the amount of talented artists and writers who attended the show. I got the pleasure of meeting some great creators I hadn't dealt with, as well as getting to hang with some old friends.

I had the pleasure of meeting Damon Gentry, (through my friend Matthew Southworth,with whom I will be posting an interview with very soon!) one of the creators of a really intriguing comic from Dark Horse called the Sabretooth Swordsman. This is a really cool looking story about a farmer who has to find his inner warrior to save his enslaved people. Go check out the Tumblr page for the book and see some art samples http://sabertoothswordsman.tumblr.com/ ...I hope to chat more soon with Damon about the book and other projects to come.

I also picked up a couple books to potentially review for the site including Undertow. The writer of the series, Luke Donkersloot was in attendance selling the book and was gracious enough to submit a copy for us to review. We cant wait to dig in. If you're not up for waiting on the review, go preview the book at http://7thwavecomics.com/ . If I'm not mistaken, there should be a link to a free digital copy of one of the books. Check it out. Flipping through the pages, it looks like a real throwback to some old school comic books that we grew up on. Looks fantastic!!

As usual, Here is my pictorial recap of some of the great talent from the convention. Of course I had to include my pics with Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict from Battlestar Galactica!!

Tim Seeley making fans happy... Follow his twitter feed at https://twitter.com/HackinTimSeeley
Matthew Clark has worked on Superman, Ghost rider, and Wonder Woman to name a few. Check out his site
This was a friend of Brandon Jerwa's, I think?
I was very excited to meet Steve Lieber. He's worked on some of my favorite books like Hellboy and especially Gotham Central. http://www.stevelieber.com/ I'm going to attempt to get him up for a Comic Book Swap Meet.
I prior mentioned Luke Donkersloot, writer of Undertow. Check out the Undertow Facebook page too!
Clayton Crain...One of the sickest artists around. Go take a look. http://claytoncrain.com/ He was very busy at the show,so I didn't have much time to chat with him...unfortunately.
Richard Hatch aka Apollo from the origianl Battlestar Galactica. Also played Tam Zarek on the most recent BSG series. He told me about an awesome independent Star Trek project called Star Trek: Axanar . It's a fan funded film based in the Star Trek universe that stars Hatch and other Trek series veterans. For more info or to contribute: http://www.startrekaxanar.com/
Dirk Benedict is hands down, one of the most down to earth celebs I've had the plesure of meeting on the conention circuit. I was actually shocked that he remembered chatting with me at Emerald City Comic Con about the 80's comedy about pro wrestling, Bodyslam, starring him and Roddy Piper. I loved that film as a kid. Then there's the A-Team, of course. Ahhh childhood...
My friend Abi Sue Cosplay and her debut of her She Hulk costume. I'd say it's looking pretty awesome! If your not following her on Facebook yet, you should be. She does a lot of charity work and stuff involving her great cosplay work.
I brought this poster around to a bunch of artists and writers at the show and had them sign it. I'm going to be giving this poster away in a contest through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Be sure to follow me on those social network sites to find the info on the giveaway.

This awesome show poster was created by the super talented artist, Shane White. Go look at his website at www.theshanewhite.com to see some more of this talented artists work. He's another I hope to interview in the future and have out as a guest at a Comic Book Swap Meet...
I mentioned the Comic Book Swap Meet a couple times. Here's a little info on our next little convention up here on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Our first Guest announced is Scott Adams. You might remember the interview we did with him earlier this year. If not here it is again: http://www.thestevestrout.com/2014/07/q-with-sukotto-creator-scott-adams-and.html

Stay tuned, as I will probably share some more from the Jet City Comic Show, including some more cosplay pics, and as always, thanks for reading. Keep spreading the word. Don't forget to join our Comic Book Swap Meet group and page on Facebook to keep up on updates, news and other nerdiness!



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