Monday, November 24, 2014

Cosplay Talk with Kit Cosplay

Cosplaying for causes
by Kit Cosplay November 2014
One of my favorite things about cosplaying, is that I get to bring many smiles to many faces. There’s just something so special about putting a lot of work into being the embodiment of a character, and having someone else really enjoy your creation. In fact, I loved doing that so much, that I created a business with friends that centers around cosplaying for causes. We’re called Comic Book Characters for Causes (CBC4C for short), and we volunteer time with kids in need around the Seattle area, and also raise funds to support pediatric wellness programs. Some of the more notable causes we’ve worked with are Seattle Children’s Hospital, The Goodtimes Project, Love Your Melon, and the Make-A-Wish foundation. Personally, if showing up as a superhero can take a child’s mind off of their current troubles, then I’ve won that day. I can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to see a kid’s face light up when they see Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow, or Thor in front of them!

It is so awesome to see many other similar causes around the country as well. From The Portland Superheroes Coalition, to the Avengers Initiative, to Cosplay for a Cause, these fantastic people are putting their blood, sweat, and tears (Yes, making costumes typically involves all 3 of those things – at least for me!) into making lives better.
Sure, it may seem like kind of a silly thing to do, and I’ve heard my fair share of nay-sayers (“they’re only doing it for attention”), but I can’t tell you how absolutely fulfilled I feel when I volunteer with these kids. Most of the time, the littler ones are just looking for a buddy – Just being there, and hanging out with them is enough to brighten their day. Besides, it’s not every day that you get to do arts and crafts with Captain America, or eat lunch with Captain Marvel.
If you’d like to equally brighten someone’s day, check out the causes listed above, even if you’re not so willing to hop into a spandex suit. If you are a cosplayer, check around for local groups in your area that you could help support – and if there aren’t any, form a charity group! Send me an email if you’re looking for advice on getting a group started in your area, I’m happy to help –
Until next time!

Kit Cosplay is a co-founder of the Comic Book Charcters For Causes fundraising and charity cosplay group. Whether you are interested in cosplay as a spectator, just starting out, or have been doing it for years, Kit hopes that her monthly column entertains or inspires you. Reach out to Kit Cosplay on Facebook, Twitter, or shoot her an email – She’d love to chat with you!