Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Comic Reviews: Low and Rasputin

Review by Joe David Thompson
Ok, so I spaced last week and thought I had sent my comic reviews/recommendations, but obviously I hadn't.  My apologies!!  So, let's do something a little different this week, shall we?!?  Nothing grabbed me this week, but two weeks ago was a good comic week.  I'll be back on a better schedule...promise!

I wanted to write about Low, the completely exciting sci fi comic from Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini on Image.  Currently in its fourth issue, Low is the story of the survival of the human race, long ago sent into the depths of the ocean when the sun irradiates the Earth beyond our abilities to live.  From this refuge, the Kane family is charged with protecting this world and searching for a new and habitable world.  

Remender has crafted a gripping tale about a family torn apart by violence and fear, still struggling with hope and how to overcome the odds.  The aesthetic here is very hard sci fi meets Game of Thrones, both content and thematically.  The narrative never gets overwhelmed by this approach, as Remender keeps everyhting well grounded by delivering interesting characters and focusing on very human relationshoips.  Tocchini's art has been stunning with each issue, which is a major achievement as the story expands and grows.  The colors are rich and warm, complementing Remender's plot.

Remender is also helming the All New Captain America, which features Sam Wilson (formerly The Falcon) taking up the titular mantle.  The first issue drops this Wednesday, and with Stuart Immonen on art duty, this one is a definite one to pick up for me.  I've been binging myself on Remender's run on Uncanny X-Force, which is shaping up quite nicely so far.

I also enjoyed another Image title from two weeks ago, Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo's new Rasputin.  Grecian is obviously taken with the legend/rumors of the virtually unkillable Rasputin.  He tells a very human story with an extraordinary uses of image and an economy of words that left me wanting the book to keep going.  Rossmo's art is gorgeous and Grecian lets his artist's skills speak for themselves.  

Let's see, what else have I been remiss about?

Brian K Vaughan's Saga is on an agonizing six month hiatus, but digital comic fans can grab his excellent, pay what you want comic The Private Eye at the link below.  Vaughan is excellently accessible to his fans, which is great and this book is so funny and cool.

That's all for now, except for my reassurances I'll be back on a better game this week.  Thanks for understanding!

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