Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cool Projects #33

I'm going to keep this edition of Cool Projects short and sweet, in mentioning a couple of this weeks New Comic Book Day releases (Nov. 13th).

Jeff Lemire, Phil Hester, and Eric Gapstur bring us one of the most original ideas I've seen in a while based on this description of FAMILY TREE, from Previews:

"When an eight-year-old girl literally begins to transform into a tree, her single mom, troubled brother, and possibly insane grandfather embark on a bizarre and heart-wrenching odyssey across the back roads of America in a desperate search for a way to cure her horrifying transformation before it's too late.
But the farther they get from home, the more forces threaten to tear the family apart as fanatical cults, mercenaries, and tabloid Paparazzi close in, determined to destroy the girl-or use her for their own ends." 

FAMILY TREE is available from Image Comics. This mix of mystery and horror might be worth picking up via or at your local shop!

It's an exciting time to be a fan of the X-Men universe with yet another mutant series kicking off with FALLEN ANGELS #1. Bryan Edward Hill, Szymon Kudranski, and Ashley Witter are the creators behind this new book from Marvel. 

I have a couple questions for you comic book readers out there. If you've read this, what are your thoughts on FALLEN ANGELS #1? Who of you have been keeping up on all the new mutant series'? 

FOLKLORDS is a highly anticipated series from Boom Studios and the creative team of Matt Kindt and Matt Smith. Folklords is highly anticipated to the point of going into its third printing before the initial release. I got a chance to check out the first issue, so this is less preview, than a review. I believe the hype. Read on...

FOLKLORDS is another unique comic to hit shops this week. The story kicks off with Ansel, the main character, well dressed in a suit, discussing going on quests with his peers. (The quests, which I get the sense of, are a right of passage into adulthood.) His dress threw me at first, because his friends were all dressed in medieval attire...I assumed a larping group or something?

This was absolutely not the case, as Ansel was creating his clothes based on visions he was having of a future modern world. Based on his visions, Ansel sets off on his own quest to find the answers to it all from the Folklords...He sets off on his quest, ag as inst the as advice of family and peers, at the risk of execution from the Librarians, who control thoughts and the assignment of their quests...which are a right of passage into adulthood. Sound really weird, but its actually off to a fun start.  

I know I just dumped a bunch of what must sound like jibberish on you, but I literally just read FOLKLORDS #1, and went for writing this before letting it set in.  

FOLKLORDS has a very readable script, and clean, to the point art that makes this adventure, that blurs the line between fantasy and reality, really entertaining and a potential hit series. Good job Boom Studios! I really think it's  series worth a read.

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