Thursday, November 7, 2019

Cool Projects #31

Thanks for checking out Cool Projects #31. Sorry to keep you waiting so long, my friends! I was super busy with the Horror Host profile series. I really hope you enjoyed them!

The Count Crowley comic couldn't have came out at a more perfect time with Halloween just passing, and the month long Horror Host profile series wrapping up.

Actor David Dastmalchian's first go at comic book writing chronicles a struggling news reporter, Jerri Bartman, whose job at her small tv station is jeopardised by a confrontation with a businessman.  With no other options, she has to accept another position with the the local creature feature host. 

Begrudgingly, she takes the gig hosting monster movies, and does a great job, but learns that monsters are real! My personal love of horror and especially horror hosts really has me intrigued by Dastmachian's mini series, so you better believe this ones in my pull list. Shoot out to Lukas Ketner on the excellent art! It brings together the story perfectly!

I liked this one enough that I reached out to David Dastmalchian for a quick interview about Count Crowley, other projects, and his inspirations behind his work. Keep an eye out later this week for that interview with David Dastmalchian here at! I'm really excited for that one.

Another comic I'm intrigued by is Voidwalker from Alterna Comics with the creative team of Spencer Desmond and Kristian Rossi. I haven't had a chance to read this one yet, but the Alterna synopsis sounds like a good ol' battle between good and evil: 

Clinging to life, hitman Parker Ingram bonds with an ancient creature and the Voidwalker is born. With his sights set on a blood-soaked path of revenge and destruction, the wall between our world and the Beyond is ready to fall.

Sound pretty cool, don't it? Also, that cover art is pretty badass! Enough so for me to want to track down a copy of Voidwalker asap! Issue 1 (of 4) is out this week. Does anyone else buy comics at random based on the cover anymore?

Now THIS recent announcement brings together two of my favorite things. Gaming and George A. Romero's Night Of The Living Dead! Check out this trailer:
CMON Gaming ( just released a teaser for an upcoming Kickstarter for a Night Of The Living Dead tabletop game! Thanks to original NOTLD cast member and acquaintance Gary Streiner for tipping us off about this. If you know my love of this movie, you know how pumped I am for this game!

Here's a couple comics the dropped in comic shops this week on New Comic Book Day that might be of interest! #NCBD
All the books in the X-Men and mutant universe are relaunching continuing with couple this week. New Mutants #1 is here featuring Johnathan Hickman, Ed Brisson, and Rod Reis, featuring the classic New Mutants, with a few new faces, on a mission to space. 

The other Marvel comic to come out under the X-men umbrella is X-Force #1, mutantdom's "special ops" team. Ben Percy,  Joshua Cassara, Dustin Weaver and Dean White kicks off the X-Force series. 

Dynamite Entertainmen always knows how to give us nerds what we want...KISS+Zombies= A winning formula. That just my opinion though. Ethan Sacks and  Rodney Buchemi team up for this one...I've always dug Arthur Suydam's zombie art too, as seen on this cover!
Who's read any of these? What are your thoughts? What are some other books you picked up this week?

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