Tuesday, July 30, 2019

We Visited The Retro Emporium in Kent, WA.

Regular followers of thestevestrout.com have probably caught wind of my push to promote great comic shops, gaming shops, arcades, anime stores, and other awesome nerd and pop culture establishments. We recently visited one of the coolest shops around, the Retro Emporium in Kent, WA. 

The shop is PACKED wall to wall with everything from vintage Garbage Pail Kids and A-Team trading cards, retro gaming gear and wear, to comics, toys and pop culture memorabilia. That's just the tip of the iceberg. They even have a mini arcade  set up with quarter-op machines!

One of the coolest things is their selection of work from area creators. I love their support for the arts.

Check out this gallery from our visit:

Monster stuff! 

You better believe I added some PEZ to my collection!
I really wanted that cool robot. I might actually go back for him. 
Pokemon! You can catch em all at the Retor Emporium!
Nice little collection of records too.


Even the restroom door is nerdy.

Our buddy James showing his Rubiks Cube skills

My buddy, and Retor Emporium owner, Anne doing her best Greg Smith face!

Thanks to Anne for letting us invade the shop. The place is fantastic. If you're ever near Kent, WA check out the Retro Emporium at 328 Meeker St. You can check out their Facebook page too at www.facebook.com/retroemporiumKent/

Do you have a favorite comic, nerdy, or pop culture shop you would like to promote with a guest post here? Track us down. We'll make it happen!

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