Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rose City Comic Con Recap

The last couple weeks since RCCC have been really hectic, therefore the delay on this post. Time was really tight, and I'm lucky enough to have had time enough to get these pictures posted. Thanks for always supporting and I hope you enjoy the pictorial. We want to see more from your weekend at RCCC so send us links on twitter: @thestevestrout and in the Comic Book Swap Meet group on Facebook at: Be sure to follow and join both too! We're doing a giveaway with this post, with details later in the article. Thanks to Haylee Troncone for awesome contributions to the site! Welcome aboard!



Stan Sakai! The legendary creator of on of the coolest characters ever, Usagi Yojimbo!
Got a couple signed...Love the little Usagi head sketch!
I could've watched him draw all weekend!

Met Russell Hornsby from Grimm...Almost got the cast photo all signed now!

It's always fun checking out the Weta Workshop booth! I'm really fascinated by how characters come to life on screen!

Haylee and I hangin' with Ani-Mia and Ivy Doom Kitty both days of con! They're both so nice and talented! Ani-Mia is definitely near the top of my favorite cosplayer list!! Can't thank her enough for the pre-RCCC Q&A! If ya missed that, its HERE

The crew from Fright Town always create some great costumes. Pretty spooky stuff.  More info at

Gotta love Punished Props! Their work is second to none!

Haylee Troncone and other Stranger Things cosplayers!
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Grabbed a couple new comics at RCCC. Chimichanga, by Eric Powell, and The Temporary People from our friends at Creators Edge Press (sorry, I will update with the writers name and update asap)...Maybe we'll review these here at

Visited Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola!
Got this great print from Mike Mignola!
  This was another highlight from Rose City Comic Con! A screen used replica of Baby from Supernatural! I love this car!

Haylee and myself trying to look tough! Those were screen used props we played with! Pretty neat-o, I must say!
Trunk is even loaded for hunting!
Haylee being a goof! Totally one of my favorite people! EVER!
  Another favorite cosplayer and person, the lovely, talented, and absolutely hilarious Ireland Reid! You need to be following her on all the social media sites!!!

And of course we cant NOT have our silly picture! duhh!
Our friend, Christopher Sebela, who also did a pre show Q&A, which is still relevant, so go read it here: Chris Sebela Q&A Christopher Sebela is a writer you should already be reading!

Last but certainly not least, the mandatory thestevestrout and Jerikandra Cosplay selfie!!!  I'm pretty sure there's a law that Jerica and I can't attend the same convention without a photo op! Her Supergirl looks great too! Go follow her on Facebook at:

Thanks for checking the photo recap out. As a thanks, I'm gonna send someone this program guide from RCCC, autographed by Eric Powell (creator of the Goon and this cover) and Brian Michael Bendis (from everything). Share all over social media, and I will pick a winner from one of the supporters. Be sure to follow on Twitter: @thestevestrout 

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Big thanks to Haylee Troncone for her contributions to the con coverage and the site. So much more to come! Go show her some love!

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