Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rose City Comic Con Preview: Q&A With International Cosplay Star, Ani-Mia

As promised, another great Rose City Comic Con preview Q&A with international cosplay star, Ani-Mia! I couldn't be more excited to share this little chat with Ani-Mia, and hope you enjoy it too! If you attend RCCC this weekend, Sept 10-11, be sure to stop by her table and say hi, take a photo, and maybe buy a signed photo of her in one of here amazing cosplays!!

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TheSteveStrout: How do you keep inspired to constantly be putting out great new cosplays?

Ani-Mia: I'm always inspired by the movies and shows that I watch, games I play... There's honestly too much inspiration.

TheSteveStrout: What are some of your favorite costumes, and what are some dream costumes you'd like to make?

Ani-Mia: My favorite costume would have to be Supergirl because it gave me my self confidence. If I had an unlimited budget I'd love to make a Jaeger pilot suit...and a Jaeger

TheSteveStrout: What are some of the favorite places your cosplay and modeling career have brought you?

Ani-Mia: I love going to conventions out of the country because then you get a sense of what cosplay is like in other regions. It's fascinating how similar we all really are. Cosplay really bonds us all across countries and dialects.

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TheSteveStrout: Last time I saw you at a convention, you were giving out cards with a positive message to cosplayers. What was your message, and where did you get the idea for the cards? Its a really cool gesture that really resonates with fans and cosplayers.

Ani-Mia: They are my cosplayer appreciation cards and I actually got the idea from The Chive. They have cards like that and one got sent to me in a letter once. I loved the idea and wanted to do something like that for cosplayers. Sometimes we can be shy and it's hard to go up to someone and randomly start talking to them, so you can do the talking with the cards instead. These cards have made so many cosplayers smile.

TheSteveStrout: Speaking of visiting places, you'll be a guest at Rose City Comic Con in a couple weeks. Having Northwest roots, how special is this region's convention scene to you?

Ani-Mia: I love this convention for two reasons. 1) I get to come back home to the PNW which I constantly miss but 2) every year I get to go with a group, in costume, to visit the kid's at Shriner's Childrens Hospital. That's the highlight for me of coming to this con.

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TheSteveStrout: What are you most looking forward to at RCCC?

Ani-Mia: Meeting my fans and seeing all the cosplayers!

TheSteveStrout: Where are the best places for fans to follow and connect with you?

Ani-Mia: IG and Twitter @animiaofficial and FB at

TheSteveStrout: Want to add or share any advice or anything to your fellow nerds and cosplayers?

Just go out there and do it. Throw on a costume and have fun. If you want to make one, don't be afraid to test your skills and utilize the internet for tutorials on anything.

If you're at RCCC this weekend, track me down and grab one of my zombie pins!!!
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