Friday, June 24, 2016

Haylee Troncone's 'Soon To Be Named' Cosplay Column

Why do I cosplay? I get this question a lot. I've always been the quiet artsy nerd that everyone thought would go to an art college and become a famous painter, but that didn't happen. I never went to college. I started drawing less and cosplaying more.

I've always been obsessed with movies and playing dress up, ask anyone. As an artist, I've not only wanted to be the one in costume, but also the photographer and stylist. But that's a little too much work, so I stick to cosplaying and trust my friends to snag a few good photos where I don't look like the awkward turtle that I am.
I cosplay not only because it's the ultimate game of dress up that doesn't limit you to one day a year, Halloween, but it's also very freeing. You become a character that you identify with. It gives you strength and the self confidence to be more social and outgoing. For example, according to my friends, when I cosplay as Abaddon (from tv series Supernatural), I carry myself in a different way. I'm much more confident. I'm no longer the timid wallflower that I usually am in public. I'm the Queen of Hell, and won't put up with your judgments.
My first convention was SakuraCon back in 2007, I fell in love immediately. Con and the cosplay community for the most part is very loving and supportive. The fact that it doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, you can dress up as any character you want and will be received with open arms.
Being in cosplay allows you to have conversations with complete strangers that much easier. It's an ice breaker. "You like this character? This series? Guess what, so do I." Boom, your making friends.

It's also its a way to escape yourself.
Now I'll try to not get too depressing, but the truth is sometimes you might not like yourself. You might not be able to talk about it. But if you cosplay as a character that you identify with whom, lets say, has a tragic past but tries to be a happy person on the outside and you meet someone who identifies with this character, then they already know or can understand one another with out you explaining your life story. I have struggled with anxiety and depression off and on most of my life, and didn't come to terms with it until recently. I cosplayed as Shiro from Deadman Wonderland a few years ago and a girl was very happy to explain to me that she identified with Shiro, loved her and really liked my cosplay. She needed someone to talk to and I become that person. She explained that she had a rough school experience and that she struggled with depression herself, but just started getting help and was learning to love herself.
Besides using cosplay as a defense mechanism, it's super fun and a great way to make new friends at conventions! It teaches you important life skills like budgeting, and it'll always push you to improve your crafting and sewing skills! And that's why I cosplay!
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